The coastal outline of the mainland of Greece  is extremely modular. In addition, a significant part, equal to about 17% of the land area, belongs to the islands. The gulfs of Arta and Volos mark from west to east the line that distinguishes the most voluminous part of Greece. In addition, the gulfs of Patras, Corinth and the Saronic Gulf clearly distinguish the appendage consisting of the Peloponnese, making it almost an island, also because the isthmus of Corinth, a weak stem that connected the Peloponnese with Attica, was carved in 1893 with a canal that connects the two opposite seas, the Ionian and the Aegean.

The Peloponnese is divided into secondary peninsulas, one of which, Argolida, sends its fringed wing to the southwest, delimiting the Saronic Gulf, while the other three extend south to form the extreme southern tip of the European continent, with the to the east, overlooking Kythira, Cape Tainaro in the middle, and Cape Akritas to the west, thus delimiting the bays of Argolikos, Laconia and Messina. Those mentioned are not the only bays on the Greek coast: there are many others. The Gulf of Thessaloniki is the largest of them in the northeastern sector and enters deep into Greek Macedonia in the direction of the valley of Axios.

Further east, the smaller peninsulas of Kassandra, Mount Athos and Sithonia are interposed between three narrow and elongated peninsulas, fused into a single, more ending peninsula, that of Halkidiki. The Ionian coast is relatively less articulated, with the exception of the aforementioned bays of Arta and Patras and Arcadia, in the Peloponnese. The coastal development of Greece, even excluding the islands, is therefore extremely extensive compared to the surface of the country. The basin of Thessaly is the largest plain, perhaps the most important in Greece. In its western part there is the plain of Farsala and the valley of Pinios.

            2. VIOTIA
            3. FOKIDA: Amfissa<br>
            4. FTIHOTIDA:
            5. AITOLOKARNANIA: 
            6. EVRYTANIA: 
            7. ARTA:  
            8. PREVEZA:  
            9. THESPROTIA:  
            10. IOANNINA:  
            11. TRIKALA:  
            12. KARDITSA:  
            13. MAGNESIA:  
            14. LARISSA:  
            15. PIERIA:  
            16. KOZANI:  
            17. GREVENA:  
            18. KASTORIA:  
            19. FLORINA:  
            20. IMATHIA:  
            21. PELLA: 
            22. KILKIS:
            23. THESSALONIKI:
            24. HALKIDIKI:
            25. AGION OROS (MT ATHOS): 
            26. SERRES: 
            27. DRAMA:  
            28. KAVALA: 
            29. XANTHI:  
            30. RODOPI:  
            31. EVROS: