Map of Samos

Samos is an island of the east Aegean in Greece, with a total area of 477 square kilometres and a coastline of 86 nautical miles, Samos located east of Ikaria, South of Chios and north of Patmos and its separated from the Asia Minor coast by a small channel of only 1300 meters. The maximum length of the island is 26 miles and the maximum width is 11, highest altitude is the summit of Mt Kerkis 1443 misland in the eastern Aegean. The island has a population of 32,977 inhabitants with Samos as its capital, while Karlovasi is the co-capital. Other important settlements are Vathi, Pythagorion, Marathokampos, and Kokkari. and belongs to the homonymous prefecture of Samos. The island is now known for the sweet muscat wine called Samiotiko, its lush vegetation and tourist attractions, but also for the personalities it provided in Greek history, such as Pythagoras, the philosopher Epicurus, the astronomer Aristarchus who allegedly designed the first heliocentric map and others. The first ancient bronze statues and vessels of Samos were also produced there