Crete, map of the largest island of Greece

Map of Crete

Crete island is the largest island of Greece and one of the largest in the Mediterranean. Crete located between the south Aegean and the Libyan Sea.Crete is divided it into four prefectures, Chania, Rethymno ,Heraklio and Lasithi. The island has a coast line of over 1000 km’s.
The highest mountains of Crete are the White mountains 2453 mt (Lefka ori) , Psiloritis 2456 mt and Dikty you can see them on a the map. Crete is a fertile island and is considered as the garden of Greece, with huge production of vegetables at the plateaus of Lasithi and Omalos. Oil, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers , wine and dairy products are among the main products of Crete. The tourist industry of Crete is the largest of Greece. The island attracts tourism because of its natural beauty and its rich history. Here was florished the Minoan civilisation 4000 years ago. The first written documents were founded in Crete (Grammic B) in the famous discus of Phaestos. Crete has an amazing nature with gorges like this of Samaria, caves like the cave of Dikteon and amazing beaches like the beaches of Vai, Elounda, Elafonissos. In Knossos and Phaestos are the amazing palaces of the Minoan kings, and in the cities of Heraklion, Rethymno the visitor can admire the fortresses from the Venetian period of the island. Crete has a very good road and highway network and is an island that is ideal to get around by car or bus.