Map of Kalymnos island Greece

Kalymnos located just north of Kos off the coast of Turkey, Kalymnos is one of the Dodecanese group of islands.

There is no internional airport on Kalymnos, despite its size, but domestic flights from Athens land at Argos, a few kilometres from the island capital of Pothia.

Most arrive on Kalymnos by ferry with Dodekanesos Seaways providing a daily catamaran service with other routes operating from Kos in the south and Leros in the north.

There are only two main roads on Kalymnos; one folows the south coast and the other runs up the west coast to the main beach resorts. The rest of the island is reached along tracks or mule trails.

Kalymnos is noted for its challenging cliffs and peaks and it attracts rock climbers from all over the world.

Kalymnos belongs to the Dodecanese chain off the Turkish coast between Kos, about 12 kilometres to the south and Leros just two kilometers north.

With a population of about 16,500, makes Kalymnos the third most populated island of the Dodecanese after Kos and Rhodes and its roughly 21 kilometres long and three kilometres wide at its narrowest with an area of 109 sq km.

Kalymnos is a mountainous island with three main chains running north-west to south-east and two valleys in between. The steep limestone bluffs make for ideal rock climbing country.

Kalymnos Map