Map of Patmos

Patmos is a small Greek island in the Dodecanese, located east of the Cyclades, Nort of Leros and South of Samos in the Aegean Sea. It has a total area of 45 km² and a population of 3,047 inhabitants.

Patmos is a municipality part of the regional unit of Kalimnos with its capital at Hora where the Monastery of St John has been build. Skala is the only port of the island.

The island, initially inhabited by Doric lineages, was then colonized by the Ionians; in 428 BC. the Spartan fleet was forced by the Athenians to fall back. In ancient times it must have been sparsely inhabited and in Roman times it became a place of deportation. Under Domitian, the apostle John was exiled there, who allegedly composed the Apocalypse (95 AD).

In 1088 the emperor Alexius Comnenus gave it to the blessed Christodulos, abbot of Bithynia, who founded the monastery of St. John there. The island and the monastery enjoyed, from the 13th century. onwards, of the protection of Venice, which conquered P. in 1207; but from 1537, having fallen under the dominion of the Turks, the monks were subjected to tribute. In 1669 it hosted Venetian refugees from Candia. Occupied by Italy on May 12, 1912, P. became part of the Italian Aegean Islands in 1924; after the Second World War it passed to Greece with the rest of the Dodecanese.


Map of Patmos
Physical map of Patmos