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Introduction Schinoussa is a small island of the Cyclades. The capital is the Schinoussa. The Island was inhabited since ancient times. According to the tradition, the name of the island comes from the bushy plant schinos that grows around the island. But there is another version in accordance telling that the island took its name from the Venetian nobleman Schinoza.
Having trouble sleeping? Well, then you have come to the right place. It can't get much quieter than this. Almost no traffic, very few people and an extremely slow pace are the major feature of this relatively green island.

As is usually the case with the non-touristy islands in Greece, the locals do not speak much English, but are more than willing to communicate with you through body language.

The people on Schinoussa live off traditional fishing and farming, and because it is a quite fertile island for the Cyclades, they grow and produce wine and breed cattle. More and more people are getting involved with tourism, but it will take a long time before they can rely on it, if ever.In recent years the island was visited by more tourists that are seeking alternative and quiet islands with natural beauty to spend their holidays. The tourist infrastructure of Schinoussa meet the needs of visitors and offers all modern comforts. The natural beauty of the island makes it more unique then the rest of other Cyclades islands.

History :Schinoussa was probably inhabited at least in the 10 century BC. We do not have much knowledge of the island's earliest history because of lack of archaeological evidence.
The Venetians owned the island from the 13th to the 16th century, and the island was probably inhabited then. For some time, the monastery of the Virgin Mary (Panagia) on Amorgos owned Schinoussa.

During the Turkish rule (16th to 19th century), it served as a pirate nest

What to See :The island's main feature is its beautiful views wherever you turn. You can see Santorini and Ios from here, for example. In Chora there is a folklore museum. The rest is just sea and the occasional church. Schinoussa has two villages, the Chora and Messaria. The village of Chora is built on a hill in the interior of the island is 1.2 km from the port. In the past, the island has suffered many raids from the pirates, thus, the residents built the village of Chora that they are calling it Panagia (from the name of the church of the Virgin Mary) on a hill in order to have visibility into the sea. The houses are built with the typical architecture of the Cyclades islands . The second settlement of the island Mesaria has a wonderful Church and is located about a mile from the town. The people involved in agriculture, livestock, fisheries and tourism.

What to Do :There is not much else to do than to enjoy the beaches and the sea. Bring good books and a deck of cards. You can go walking at the small hills of the island and enjoy the peace of the nature surrounded by the blue Aegean sae.

Schinoussa Beaches :Schinoussa has 17 beaches, and since there is no traffic, you'll have to walk to them. Which shouldn't be too hard since the island is small and relatively flat. Remember to bring water, though, since it can get really hot. Around the island, you will found the beaches of  Mersini,  the beaches of Tsigoura, Almyri, Livadi, Liolios and others.

Nightlife:The taverns are in Chora, or Panagia, and there is one bar. In the hot evenings it is nice to sit here until late, and enjoy the view and the quiet atmosphere.

Food :On Schinoussa you can expect good, traditional Greek food. You'll find the taverns in Chora and many of them offer a fantastic view.

Shopping :This is not an island for shoppers, and the best souvenirs are eatable: local honey, wine or jam.

Getting Around: There are no buses, taxis or car rentals on the island, so you must either hitchhike or walk. Sometimes you can get a donkey ride.

Getting There :The nearest islands with airports are Naxos and Paros with connections fro Athens airport, and from there you can get a ferryboat. Be careful on the day of departure - if its too windy the boats are cancelled

Facts about Schinoussa* Phone numbers*
Size: 8 sq. km
Population: about 130
Airport:: No
Cashmachine: No
Internet cafe: No
Highest Mountain:
Price rate: Cheap
IInternational code: 0030
Local code: 22850
Port Police: 22300
Tourist Police:
Bus company:
Coast guard:
Post office:
Telephone company (OTE):

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