The village of Vourliotes in Samos

vourliotes-samosVourliotes village in Samos is built in a privileged position surrounded by dense vegetation and vines, the village climbs on the slopes of Mount Ampelos. Vourliotes are located 18 kilometers northwest of the capital and its first inhabitants came from the Bourla of Asia Minor, the ancient Klazomenes.

You will meet the small houses of the village, beautifully stuck together with colored doors and windows and whitewashed courtyards, while you will also meet the warm inhabitants who are engaged in the cultivation of the vine and you can learn its secrets from them.

The village has been classified as a settlement of special natural beauty, as it preserves elements of the local traditional architecture.

Just outside of Vourliotes you will find the monastery of Panagia tou Vrontas which is considered the oldest in Samos.

It is worth visiting the Byzantine church of Agios Ioannis, as well as the castle of Loulouda, and three kilometers from the village is the monastery of Panagia Brodiani, two kilometers away, whose Byzantine icons and iconostasis are truly elegant works of art, and are preserved tombs of the 3rd-4th c. m.X.

Following a wonderful route through the verdant mountain, five kilometers from the monastery you will come across the castle of Lazarus and the remains of a medieval settlement. Enjoy walks on the pine-clad slopes around the village and rest at Pnaka Spring (two kilometers west), in a wonderful location full of plane trees and running water.

Also, the village organizes the festivals of Agia Marina on July 16-17 and Panagia Vrontiani on the 7th of September.