Zante sights and attractions

museum-of-zante Zante has a lot to offer the traveler apart from its beautiful beaches. Among the best sights of Zante, the Shipwreck is the most popular sight, Laganas beach and Marathonisi will bring you in contact with the National Marine Park and the Careta-Careta turtle. In the town of Zante it is worth visiting the church of Agios Dionysios, the square of Agios Markos, the Dionysios Solomos Museum and the hill of Strani with its wonderful view of the city.

In the city of Zakynthos, in addition to your entertainment, you will also find many must-see attractions. It has wonderful pedestrian streets and beautiful alleys. On the way to the paved square of Agios Markos you will see many cafes, bars and restaurants.

The neoclassical building of the Mausoleum of Solomos-Kalvos as well as the Catholic Church of Agios Markos and the traditional clock. The commercial center of the city with its traditional Venetian arches.

If you like history then you will go to the Museum of the German Occupation and National Resistance in the house of Grigorios Xenopoulos where he lived his childhood years and also to the folklore museum.

A little outside the city is Bohali where it has a panoramic view over the whole city and the Ionian Sea. But Bohali does not only have a view, it has picturesque alleys, flowery courtyards and many carols. Take her hand, you devil, and have a romantic fling in Bochali.

Among the most beautiful attractions is Marathia beach. It is located on the road to Keri, you will reach the lake and after a small dirt road you will find yourself in a heavenly landscape. From there you go to Marathonisi.

If you want to swim side by side with Caretta-Caretta turtles, then after Keri take the road to Porto Koukla. No matter how deep you go, all you see is a sandy beach. That’s why turtles choose it too. They also choose Gerakas beach to lay their eggs.

Shipwreck and Blue Caves

Touring the island by boat or private boat is mandatory. This is the only way you can get to the much-photographed Shipwreck.

In that beach was used for smuggling for years and became famous only in 1982, when the commercial ship “Panagiotis” was wrecked there, carrying an illegal cargo of duty-free cigarettes.

Its wildly beautiful landscape and rusting hull have since toured the world as the ultimate Greek postcard. Don’t miss a dive in the spectacular Blue Caves, which are also only accessible by boat.

zante blue caves

Town of Zakythos

Zante is an aristocratic city that has managed to keep its tradition alive, although in 1953 the damage it suffered from the devastating fire that followed the earthquake was incalculable. the mansions with the arched windows. Its streets and its squares have the scent of Venice with their Italian names.

Byzantine Museum

In Dionysios Solomos square, it is worth visiting the Byzantine Museum with important Byzantine art paintings from the Byzantine period to the 19th century.

Most are works of important hagiographers such as Doxaras and Damascenes. In the museum you will also see the beautiful iconostasis of the churches of Pantokrator, Agios Dimitrios and Agios Andreas.

Most of the churches of Zante are influenced by western architecture with impressive bell towers such as those of the Holy Trinity, Saint Lazarus and Our Lady of the Angels.


Saint George of Gremna

In the steep and deserted area of ​​Gremna, the hieromonk Makarios and the monk Varlaam founded in 1535 the Monastery of Agios Georgios, with the unique tower that was built a little later for protection from pirate raids. A little further down you will also see an iron platform hanging in the air: the panoramic view of the Shipwreck is a must.

st geoirge monastery gremna zante

Keri lighthouse

In Keri, in addition to its lake, you can also admire its lighthouse, which is located 2 km from the village, on the edge of a cliff, giving the impression that it controls the Ionian Sea. The sunset from there it’s magic. Below the Lighthouse, two rocks, Mikri and Megali Myzithra with their white color dominate the sea, creating a painting at the moment the sun sets.


Monastery of Panagia Anafonitria

Tradition has it that Saint Dionysios, patron of the island, helped his brother’s murderer to take refuge in this 15th century monastery, just as the icon of the Virgin Mary arrived here from Constantinople in a miraculous way, immediately after the fall. Legends or History, the idyllic landscape of the Monastery is worth a visit anyway. In the village of Anafonitria, 33 km from the city, is the monastery of Panagia Anafonitria, built in the 15th century. and gave her name to the village. Agios Dionysios was a monk there, whose cell you can visit. Tradition says that the icon of the Virgin Mary was found after a shipwreck among the rocks.


Saint Mark’s Square

With Venetian glamour, it is the center of the island’s social life. There also took place the popular revolution in 1797, who burned the infamous Libro d’Oro, thus abolishing the hereditary privileges of the nobles. You will sit in countless cafes and bars, but you can also visit the Museum of Dionysios Solomos and Epiphany Zakynthos.



In Laganas, there is the monastery of Agios Ioannis which was built in the 17th century. and it looks like a fortress that, due to its location, enabled the monks to spot the pirates in time. If you visit, pay attention to its wooden shrine.

In the bay of Laganas is also the National Marine Park of the Caretta-Caretta turtle. The bay of Laganas is its home.

The islands of Marathonisi, Pelouso, the beaches of Lagana, Kalamaki, Dafni, Geraka are its protected breeding places. On these beaches, if you are lucky, you can see the Caretta-Caretta swimming next to you. You should respect her and protect her nests, following the rules of the center managers.



Marathonisi is also part of the National Marine Park. It is a piece of land of Cape Marathia that was cut off in an earthquake. The island is verdant, with two wonderful beaches.
One sandy and one pebbly and small sea caves suitable for those who love to explore. Marathonisi is so beautiful that you will feel like you are lost on an island in the middle of the ocean. You can go there by boat from the bay of Laganas.


Mountain villages of Zante

For those who want to be close to the authentic Zante tradition, the mountain villages of Zante, such as Volimes, Agios Leon, Koiliomenos, Maries offer it generously. Here you will feel that Zante is a feast of colors and smells.

Arekia, Bochali, Gaitani

If you want to hear the famous Zakynthian carols from the local companies, then Arekia in Repara and Lata’s House in Bohali are their natural settings: wooden tables and benches are set up in the open courtyards and – accompanied by live music – you try the local cuisine. But make sure to make a reservation, because during the summer months it gets crowded. To see speeches too, this world-unique kind of free-spirited folk theater, you should go to the village of Gaitani.

The medieval castle of Zante

venetian-castle-of-zante A paved road that starts from the Bochali district of the city of Zante will lead you to the medieval castle of the island, the construction of which was completed in 1646 by Venetian engineers and local craftsmen.

The Venetian castle has been built on the site of the ancient acropolis of Zante. On its outer gate, the two lions of Saint Mark will remind you of the island’s Venetian past.

Inside the castle are preserved the Venetian vaulted prisons, its gunpowder store, the bastion as well as the churches of Sotiras or Pantokrator and the metropolitan church of the Catholics.

Saint Mark’s Square

In the square of Agios Markos, in 1797, when the French occupied the island, the rebels of Zante burned the book of the French nobles. The square is a miniature of the corresponding Venetian square with shops in the surrounding streets, where you can get local products and Zakynthian wine.


Museum of Dionysios Solomos

Above the square is the homonymous Catholic church of Agios Markos and the Museum of Solomos, Kalvos and other Famous Zakynthians.
On the ground floor of the Museum there are the bones of the poets, while on the first floor there are manuscripts, relics of Dionysios Solomos, Romas and other famous Zakynthians. At the entrance of the museum is the historic holly tree under which Solomon wrote the “Hymn to Freedom” and “The Besieged”

Saint Dionysios Church

In Strata Marina, in the ruins of the oldest church that was demolished after the earthquake of 1893, is Saint Dionysios of Zante. It reminds of Saint Mark of Venice and has wonderful frescoes with scenes from the saint’s life. His remains are kept in a silver urn.

Maritime Museum

Also in the village of Tsilivi, 5 km from the city, there is the only Maritime Museum of its kind in Greece, where through 140 rare watercolors you will learn about the maritime history of our country.

Askos Stone Park

In a 500-acre green ravine in Volimes, it will give you the opportunity, following the stone path, to see 45 species of animals (kids, turtles and deer to raccoons and llamas!), which live freely in special areas

Hill of Strani

The walk in the town of Zante is worth finishing with the Hill of Stranis which is 2 km from the town and where, according to tradition, Dionysios Solomon inspired the “Hymn to Freedom” and the “Besieged”.


The most beautiful suburb of the town is Bochali with a panoramic view of the city of Zante. There you can enjoy your coffee or your food to the sound of the Zante song. But apart from the city of Zante there are other corners of the island that are worth visiting.

Lake Keri

lake-keri Lake Keri , is a picturesque resort located to the west of Laganas Bay about 20 kilometres from Zante’s capital town of Zakynthos.

Keriou is a peaceful and pretty village with a harbour to the south and a small sand and pebble beach to the north.

The beach is gently sloping with shallow water so it’s good for families with children. There are a couple of tavernas along the back of the beach while a local diving centre offers dives to underwater caves.

A little behind the beach is the small village of Keri where there are more tavernas as well as craft and souvenir shops set among the traditional stone houses.

Walkers can find well marked forest trails in the surrounding pine covered mountains and a walk to the lighthouse offers some good views over Laganas Bay.

Taxi boats offer trips to the offshore islet of Marathonis, also known as Turtle Island, where rare turtles nest, although disturbing the shy creatures does little to help them survive.

There are also boat tours to sea caves with the best known called Mavri Limni, or Black Lake, which is big enough to enter, although you will need a torch.

Limni Keriou has become a popular spot for UK tour operators in recent years but it still retains much Greek charm. There are a few daily buses to Laganas and to Zakynthos Town.