Geography of Zante island

geography-zante Zante island geographically is a mountainous island, it has an irregular triangular shape. At its northern end is Cape Skinari. To the southeast is the bay of Laganas. In the gulf there are three islands, Marathonisi, Agios Sostis and Pelouso.

The bay of Laganas was declared in 1999 a National Marine Park for the protection of the Caretta-Caretta turtle, as it is a place of its reproduction.

The Strofades Islands are located 37 nautical miles south of Laganas. They have been characterized as oceanic islands because they have never been united with others or with mainland Greece. They seem to float in the Ionian Sea and a resting place for migratory birds, on their long journey to the South Atlantic.

Their only resident is a monk in the monastery of Panagia which exists on the southern island. The western coasts of Zante are rocky and steep.

Along this northwestern side, from Agios Nikolaos to Cape Skinari, are the famous Blue Caves, one of the most famous natural attractions of the island. The eastern opposite coasts of Zante facing the Peloponnese are sandy with beautiful beaches.

And yet in Zante there is a lake located in the bay of Laganas, Keri Lake. There you will also find the well of Herodotus.

The water in the lake is a combination of sea water and drinking water from the springs of the area. sea testifies to the existence of this small but very important lake since it is the wetland of Zante with rare species of plants, such as the unique in the world endemic orchid of Zante. Migratory birds and many species of amphibians find refuge in the lake.