What are the best beaches in Kalymnos

The beaches of Kalymnos are mostly the typical Dodecanese beaches with pebbles but there are also some with sand. Below there is a list of the beaches that you can reach by road and are of the greatest interest.

Masouri beach

Masouri is the most touristic beach of the island, obviously organized with many sunbeds, umbrellas and a beach bar where you can order food and drinks. It is one of the few sandy beaches on the island, with clear but slightly cold waters and a fantastic view towards Telendos. The negatives are the access to the beach by steps and the difficulty in parking in August. Another ‘funny’ negative is that sometimes there are small fish in the shallows that bite you. But if you look at it on the positive side, you do a fish spa for free.


Platys Gialos

Platys Gialos is definitely the most special beach of the island. From its name you understand that it is a beach that has open sea in front of it and therefore has waves and it gets deep suddenly. Definitely not suitable for families with very young children or adults who are afraid of waves.

Platys Gialos is an organized beach and has very fine black gravel and nice black pebbles. The waters are very clean and the beach is very long to have the privacy you want. You will need to go down/up a few steps but it’s not too bad. Finally, it is one of the best beaches for an afternoon swim.


Emporios beach

The road north ends at the sheltered, peaceful and south-facing the beach of Emporios, otherwise called Emborio, and considered one of the best on the island.

A coarse sand beach is backed by tamarisk trees and a string of tavernas. It shelves steeply into a sea of large stones and banks of seaweed so it’s not particularly good for children but the views to offshore islets are delightful.

A couple of shoreline tavernas put out sunbeds in the high season and there is a caique Massouri that leaves in the afternoon for those who don’t fancy the bus.

A steep climb at the western end of Emborios leads over a small hill to Rachi, for even more secluded sands, shaded by trees and with a summer beach cantina.

More tavernas lie inland, notably at Harry’s, set back up the hill with a beautiful flower garden. Emborio is the end of the road for the daily bus and only hardy hikers will venture into the hills from here.



Kalamia beach

Kalamia is a wildly beautiful beach. It has a pirate beach bar with very nice wooden structures reminiscent of pirates, free sunbeds with umbrellas and canoes.

The beach is ideal for an all-day getaway. The only negative are the rocks and algae in the water but they have put special bags filled with sand so that you can enter the sea.


Kastelli beach

The road north of Massouri weaves giddily around the heavily indented Kalymnos coastline offering impressive sea views from the stark rocky hillsides.

A small promontory is home to the impressive remains of the ruined fortress of Kastelli overlooking the sea in some of the wildest parts of the island.

The Kastelli area is a huge draw for climbers eager to tackle the rugged limestone crags for which Kalymnos is renowned while the coast is laced with rocky coves.

Below the fortress ruin is a picturesque white chapel and, although steps have been laid down the cliff, the climb is a difficult one and should only be attempted by those who are fit. Very few have visited that fantastic secret and unique small beach, a rocky hug, with its impressive turquoise-blue-green colors.


Arginonta beach

Around the headland and past the coastal hamlet of Karavostavi are some spectacular views over the sea, now dotted with fish farms.

The sheltered inlet of Arginonta has a small pebble beach backed by olives, pines and with a couple of tavernas. The village is also the start of a good inland walking trail between the mountains to the port of Vathi on the other side of the island.

Arginondas is also another jumping off point for many climbers tackling the many sheer cliffs and challenging rock faces found on this part of the coast.

A little further north is the village of Skalia where there is a large cave, but it is not open to the public.


Beach of Palionisos

Palionisos is a beach revelation. It is located in a sheltered bay in the northeast of the island with crystal clear waters that invite you to swim. Until recently, it was only accessible by sea, but in recent years there is a very good road to get to Palionisos, with a great view.

The road connects the beach with both the western and eastern part of the island, so you can reach it from both Masouri and Vathi.

The beach has natural shade with tamarisk trees, so take a mat with you. Generally prefer a weekday because it has a lot of traffic from both locals and tourists. Because it is an eastern beach, the sun sets early, so you can swim until 5pm at the most.


Akti beach

A very beautiful and picturesque beach far from the tourist part of the island, is Akti. Akti is a beach with pebbles, tamarisk trees that offer natural shade, unorganized where you can still find shells among its pebbles.

Unfortunately, because in recent years there has been a lot of fish farming in the area, you have to get the right wind to enjoy swimming. It has happened to me with a difference of a few days that one time it is as if I am swimming in a pool and the other time it has cloudy water.

Also on the negative side is the lack of signal, as a result of which you are connected to a Turkish telecommunications provider. It is a good idea to turn off the roaming option on your mobile phone before you visit it.


Vlychadia beach

Vlychadia is a family beach in the southern part of the island. In essence, they are two beaches separated by a small harbor, one sandy and the other pebbled.  The beach is nested within a bay so the waters are shallow and usually warm.

It is preferred by families with children, but recently it has also gained appeal among young people due to the restaurant Paradisos which also functions as a beach bar with very nice aesthetics and dishes.

vlychadia beach

Linaria beach

Signs from Panormos point to the beaches of Platys Gialos, Kantouni and Linaria. Kantouni is a thin stretch of coarse grey sand that shelves steeply into the sea with underwater stones.

A couple of bars sit on the cliff above and overlooking the beach, one pumping out loud pop music most of the day and night.

A small cave at the northern end offers marginal interest and a steep concrete path climbs over the headland to the beach at Linaria.

And Linaria is only slightly better. The sand is a coarse grey gravel and grit that tends to collect rubbish; it’s thin and narrow with a few overhanging trees to provide a little shade in the mornings.

A couple more cafes grace the headland and two tavernas edge the road above Linaria with fine views over the bay one taverna set in the cliff that serves dishes grilled on an open charcoal fire.


Gefyra beach

The closest beach to Pothia but with crystal clear waters is Gefyra. Gefyra is a beach with coarse pebbles both outside and in the sea, making it a bit difficult to enter the water. However, the crystal waters and the seabed compensate you.

If you like diving, there is also the option of sitting on the rocks to avoid the uncomfortable stones of the beach. In general, it is a beach that you would choose for swimming and not for sunbathing.


Kantouni beach

Kantouni beach is located in the village of Panormos and is 8.5 km from the capital of the island, Pothia.
Kantouni is a place mostly preferred by young people, so it has several restaurants, cafes, beach bars and nightlife.

If you choose Kantouni for your stay, from here you will be able to make many excursions to neighboring beaches, day trips to neighboring villages, such as Myrties and Masouri, to the island of Telendo and various other activities.

You can reach the beach by a paved road. Very close to the settlement of Panormos (about 3 km) is the Kalymnos Airport.Kalymnos airport


Myrties beach

If you like diving, there is also the option of sitting on the rocks to avoid the uncomfortable stones of the beach.
North of Panormos lies Kalymnos island’s main tourist strip which starts at Myrties, although it is very much low key. The road snakes down a steep hillside to impressive views of Telendos islet offshore.

A line of tourist shops and a mini-market edge the main road through Myrties with a couple of bars near the taxi rank. This is the southern tip of the main Kalymnos tourist area so it can get busy here with cars and bikes roaring through.

Side streets lead down to a ferry jetty flanked by tavernas and a narrow stone and shingle beach. Stone and shingle continue underwater so bathers will need footwear.

Sunbeds appear in the high season and tamarisks add some natural shade. The jetty is where visitors to Telendos catch the hourly ferries so Myrties gets plenty of through traffic.

An early afternoon ferry leaves here for Xerokambos, on the neighbouring island of Leros.

myrties beach

Panormos beach

The beach is located on the west side of Panormos village between Linaria beach and Platy Gialos beach. Easily accessible by car, motorbike or on foot from the ELIES hotel. Usually the sea is rough during the summer.

The marine layer is full of rocks covered by a variety of plants. The coast is full of rocks that form holes and small canyons.
When the sea is calm the water is warm and crystal clear. Excellent place for spearfishing.


Melitsaha beach

Melitsaha is a beautiful beach It is located on the west coast of Kalymnos, near the famous village of Myrties.

It is a long sandy beach with beautiful and clear waters. The area offers some accommodation such as some rental apartments, taverns and some cafe, the traditional Greek cafe.