The Chora of Andros

andros-chora The history of the capital of Andros the Chora, begins from the times of the Venetian rule. It was a small settlement under the protection of the castle whose ruins can still be seen at the Cape.

In the beginning, the settlement was connected to the castle by a wooden bridge which was later replaced by the existing stone one.

The entrance to the castle can be seen today and is still the main entrance to the old city. The picturesque old city of Andros, Chora, maintains its original medieval road layout and the architecture is an excellent example of a combination of Byzantine, Venetian and neoclassical styles.

The town started to slowly expand outside of its ancient walls, flourishing especially at the start of the 20th century, when the ship owners of Andros controlled almost a quarter of the Greek merchant fleet. It was during this time that the beautifully elegant neo-classical mansions were built making Andros, Hora, one of the most charming capitals in the Aegean. The moderate tourist development is mainly in the area of Emborios.

What to do

church in chora Here you will find most of the accommodation to rent, restaurants and clubs. There are two beaches in Hora that can be reached by foot.
To the south is the beach of Paraporti and to the north is the beach of Nemborios.

A further very picturesque beach is 20 minutes walk from the track that begins at the end of the beach of Paraporti, taking you to the beach of Lidi. Two other beaches worth visiting are the beaches of Gyalia and Piso Gyalia which are about 15 minutes drive from Hora.

In the summer months you should take a boat trip to the beautiful beach of Achla where the river Achla empties into the sea, creating a wonderful wildlife sanctuary that sees many varieties of flora and fauna as well as hundreds of visiting migrating birds