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General Information This volcanic, mountainous island whith white cliffs and roads is a perfect getaway for those who want some peace and quiet. It is a popular island amongst the Greeks, but has not really been discovered by the foreign tourists yet. It is a genuine, picturesque island with friendly people and tiny villages, a few things to see and some nice beaches.

The name Kimolos comes from the word for chalk, and it suits, since the houses are whiter than white. Chalk is an export product for the island, and the rest of the islanders live off fishing and to some extent tourism.

History Kimolos was once one with Milos, but an earthquake separated the two islands, giving them the shapes they have today. The town Ellinika sunk and during archaeological excavations remains from the 8th century have been found where this city once was.

Before it got its current name, Kimolos was called Arzantiera, and before that Ehinoussa. Kimolos was supposely the island's first ruler.

It was part of the Venetian Dutchy of the Cyclades in the 13th to 16th century, but most of the inhabitants were pirates.

The Turks arrived in the 16th century, and invaded and conquered most of Greece. Kimolos was no exception, but the piracy on the island continued, and almost all the islanders left in the 18th century.

What to See : Most of the people of Kimolos today live in the island's capital Chora. Because of the many pirate attacks the village has been built like a true labyrinth, in order to confuse the enemies. Here, you can visit the archaeological museum with objects mainly from the excavations at Ellinika, and there is also an impressive church with a blue dome, as well as an old kastro.

At Ellinika there is a diving school, where they take you on dives around the sunken city. Don't expect to see too much though.

The fishing village Goupa is very pretty and definately worth a visit.

The hot wells of Prassa are reputed for having healing powers.

What to Do :This is very much an island for relaxation and recreation, so take some good books, colours or pencils and let the creativity flow. You can also go diving at the diving school at Ellinika or take a daytrip to Milos. The snorkelling is good as well as the fishing.

Beaches Kimolos is not reputed for its great beaches, but there are a few places for enjoying the sea. Mavrospilia is a long, deserted beach, Aliki has a quite good sand and stone beach and in Goupa there are some cliffs you can get into the water from. You can also get the taxiboat to the little island Polyaegos where the best beaches are.

Nightlife: You'll find a few, quiet bars in Psathi and Chora. Quite often, the locals arrange singing and dancing, and you are more than welcome to join in.

Food: The food served on Kimolos is traditional Greek. You'll find the taverns in Chora or the harbour, and the island's speciality is a kind of pizza called "Ladenia". You should also try the small dishes, mezedakia, here.

Shopping: There are not many shops on Kimolos, but you will find postcards, perhaps some clothes or the occasional souvenir. There are also carved wood objects as well as textiles and embroideries.

Getting Around Because of the lack of transportation: no buses, carrentals or moped's, you'll have to settle with walking. The distances are not very big though, and if you're lucky you might be able to hitchhike. In the harbour there is usually a taxiboat, and sometimes you can get a fisherman to take you where you want to go for a small fee.

Getting There: You can get a flight to Milos or Athens Greece and from there take the ferryboat. Kimolos is also connected with Paros, Santorini Greece, Serifos and other Cycladic islands.

Facts about Kimolos* Phone numbers*
Size: 38 International code: 0030
Population: about ca.800 Local code: 22870
Cash machine: Yes Hospital:
Internet cafe:   Port Police 51332
Highest Mountain:  Paleokastro, 367 m Tourist Information:
Airport: no Police:
Price rate: below average Telephone company (OTE)

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