Information about getting to Karpathos by ferry

You can go to Karpathos, both by ferry or by air . Blue star ferries and the ferry Preveli operate itineraries  to and from Karpathos. Both Olympic Air and Sky Express take care of your air transportation with their regular flights. Olympic Air flies to Karpathos twice a day during the summer, while Sky Express operates four flights per day to Karpathos.

Ferry boat BlueStar Patmos

Every Tuesday at 15.00 with arrival in Karpathos (does not catch Diafani) at 11.20 on Wednesday morning. Respectively, the return of this route is every Wednesday at 11.40 with arrival in Piraeus at 11.10 on Thursday. Information about the route and the prices that are valid can be found here.

Ferry boat Preveli

Every Monday afternoon at 18.00 for Pigadia and Diafani (the 2nd port of the island) and travel time about 18.5 hours or every Friday at 18.00 for the same destinations and travel time about 26 hours.

The difference during the trip has to do with the fact that on Monday the route stops Santorini, Anafi & Kassos before mooring in Karpathos, while on Friday it has -in addition to the above- stops in Milos, Heraklion and Sitia.


Respectively, the returns of the above itineraries are every Thursday at 14.50 or every Sunday at 10.20. Detailed information on itineraries and costs can be found on the official websites of the above ferry companies.

Cabin or Deck?

In any case, both boats have cabins (from simple interiors of two or four beds to lux) the use of a cabin will help to pass the voyage relatively comfortably. Calculate that the cost of travel by boat and cabin (2 beds inside) and car transfer costs indicatively 500 euros return.

Should I take my Car to Karpathos

If you plan to go to Karpathos with your car, highly recommend , especially if you are going to stay for more than four days, a good idea is to send your car by boat, travel by plane and take it pick up from the port. Everything is a matter of what serves you and what you will find available.