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Introduction "Green" is usually the first adjective you'll hear if you ask anyone that has been to Thassos what it is like. Not many islands in Greece are this lush.

With its rich history and archaeological remains, wonderful beaches, variety of things to do and friendly people, Thassos has become one of those islands holidaymakers return to year after year. Because it is also a very popular island amongst the Greeks, the standard of food and service is high, and you get a good mixture of the modern and the traditional.

Many of the locals are farmers and fishermen, but since oil has been found in the sea, many hope to get involved with that. Tourism is also an important income for the people of Thassos.

Thassos History :According to mythology Thassos was the son of the Phoenecian king Agenor or the god Poseidon , and one of the first settlers of the island, which also was called Chryse ("Gold") in ancient times. Thassos was also the brother of Europa , and the reason for his travelling was that he was searching for his lost sister. Another story has it that the oracle in Delphi had told the Parian people to settle on "an island of mists", and since Thassos fit in on this description, they became the first inhabitants.

There is evidence that the island has been inhabited at a very early stage, probably even before the 4th Millennium BC. In the 8th century it was colonised by the Parians, and they found gold resources here. This was to make Thassos an important economical and cultural centre in antiquity, and large areas of the mainland also belonged to it. Several important artists were born on the island, for example Polycleitos and Polygnotos .

The downfall started in the 5th century, when Thassos and Athens broke their alliance and war broke out. Athens demanded high tributes, and the island was almost impoverished.

The Romans came in the 2nd century BC, and the island became a little bit better off, since wine and marble was produced . The decline continued though and when the Venetians came in the 13th century, followed by the Genoans and then the Turks in the 15th century.

When the war independence broke out in 1821 the people of Thassos did their best, although they were not many. Liberation came in 1921.

What to See :Except for its beautiful nature, Thassos also has several sights. The capital Limenas is built where the ancient city stood, and there are many ruins to admire. There is also an ancient theatre which is often used to this day. You can also visit the very nice museums of archaeology and folklore here.

In Panagia you can visit the Dragoncave (Drakotrypa). The monastery of the Archangel Michael is open to visitors, but make sure you are properly dressed: long trousers for men,long skirts & covered shoulders for women.

What to Do :Some of the beaches have watersports. You can also go horseriding on the island, and there are also tenniscourts. There are often plays and concerts in the ancient theatre of Limenas.

Thassos Beaches :There are many beaches on the island, and many of them are easy to get to by bus, car or moped. Some of the more popular are Golden Beach, Skala Kallirachis and Makryammos.

Thassos Nightlife:You'll find some bars and clubs in Limenas that are really nice. Since it is a popular resort among the Greeks the nights usually get very long, but not too wild.

Food in Thassos :There are many fish taverns in the island. Most places are in Limenas, but there are also some nice little taverns in the villages. Most of the food served is very good, traditional Greek.

Shopping :The shops sell all the usual stuff: jeweler, leather, sponges, rugs and textiles. You can also buy some local wine or sweets.

Getting Around: There are buses connecting the villages and many beaches. You can also rent a car or a bike, or hire a taxi for the day. Small boats can take you to a few beaches, as well as to the little islet Tassopoula.

Getting There :There is an airport on the island with daily flights to Athens. You can also fly to Thessaloniki or Kavala and take the ferryboat or Hydrofoil from there.

Facts about Thassos* Phone numbers*
Size: 400 sq. km
Population: 16000
Airport:: Yes
Cashmachine: Yes
Internet cafe: Yes
Highest Mountain: Mt Ypsari, 1003
Tour Operators: Libra, JMC, Apollo, Ving
International code: 0030
Local code: 25930
Health Centre: 71700, 71100
Port Police: 22106
Tourist Information:
Bus company:
Tourist Police: 22122
Post office:
Telephone company (OTE):

*The info displayed may be inaccurate. If changes have been made, please let us know.

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