karpathos-GEOGRAPHYGeographically Karpathos, together with the islet of Saria that belongs to it geopolitically, is one of the most endowed Greek islands.

Calcareous rocks form the stratigraphy of the core and determine its morphological character. In some areas, flysch layers overlie the limestones, as well as younger layers of gypsum, travertine, cobblestone, and contemporaneous deposits.

The variety and color magic of the natural landscape of Karpathos is unique. The changes and contrasts are so frequent and unexpected, that they leave no room for monotony and boredom.

High mountains (Lastos 1215 m altitude, the highest in the Dodecanese) and rugged, whose peaks sometimes appear covered with snow.

On the mountain slopes one can see steep ravines and winding torrents, deep caves endowed with the alluring multicolored stalactites, verdant valleys and springs with crystal waters that gurgle melodiously, generously spreading their coolness.