Lesbos thermal springs


Once believed to be the spring of the goddess Artemis, Thermi has a modern double-domed bath house built in front of the ancient ones which are now closed to the public.

The springs are recommended for treatment of the usual problems of rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica but also claim to help with hypertension, gall bladder, liver and lymphatic problems. Inhaling the steam is also said to help with bronchial catarrh. The temperature is around 40°C.



The splendidly domed and recently restored thermal baths boast the hottest waters in Europe with temperatures from 70°C to more than 90°C. The springs have been used since ancient times.

These are two mineral springs open to the public near the banks of the Almyropotamus River about 60 metres above the sea shore in a landscape that resembles another planet.

There are five springs of which only three are used. The main bath house has separate pools for males and females and there are showers and changing rooms. The waters are said to aid sufferers of chronic rheumatism and arthritis as well as gynaecological problems. Gently steaming pools can be found over the whole area.



The waters here are iron stained and contain chlorine and natrium. They are hot – around 70C and are said to help cure rheumatism, arthritis, gynaecological and dermatological infections.

They are known locally as Agios Ioannis, with springs on both banks of the river and in exceptionally beautiful countryside about three kilometres from the village of Lisvouri.

The springs are in two separate buildings, only one of which is open and there are nine rooms as well as a public domed semi-circular bathing pool.


Hot springs reach around 45°C and the waters are said to be high in sodium chloride (salt) and good for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia and gynaecological infections.

The renovated main building houses modern baths next to the old domed bath house. The original bath house has great charm with an entrance through some gardens to an outer chamber, where you leave your clothes before stepping down into the bath itself. The new building has six private rooms and a public pool. The baths are located at the northwestern tip of Lesvos about four kilometres from Mytilini.



Geras or Yeras springs are found on the Gulf of Yeras and are sometimes call Therma Springs. These are the largest baths on Lesvos with separate pools for males and females.

Recommended for rheumatism, arthritis and bronchitis the temperature is around 40°C. Alongside the main baths is a cafe overlooking the bay and there is fine swimming to be had in the shallow waters off the small beach.