Main towns and villages in Karpathos

karpathos villagesThe villages of Karpathos are like brothers, they may have similarities, but they are different, they are passionate about their people, sometimes to such an extent that for the stranger, the passer-by, it seems strange and the phenomenon is impressive. Karpathos, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, it is loved above all for its landscapes of extraordinary beauty and great variety and its traditional villages.

Wellness centres where you can be pampered by expert hands, everything you need to practice water sports, organized excursions to the sites of major tourist interest, town villages where you can taste the island cuisine and go shopping in local craft shops and many other high-level services. On the island there are excellent quality holiday facilities, intimate and welcoming resorts where you can relax and unplug from worries.

The capital Pigadia is the most populous center (about 2000 inhabitants) and the main port of the island. As is often the case with the capitals of other Greek islands, it is called by the locals with the island’s own name, Karpathos. Currently, it is the resort with the largest number of tourist facilities. It is also possible to find all kinds of services: restaurants, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, tourist agencies and car / motorbike rental agencies and other commercial activities.

karpathos-arkasa-village.jpgArkasa is a small seaside village on the south-west coast of the island, 16 km away from the capital, to which it is connected by an asphalted road in perfect condition. White houses and buildings with bright pastel colors extend over a plain that stretches from the mountains to the sea. The accommodation offer is wide and diverse, from luxury hotels to family-run hotels, apartments, studios and simple rooms for rent.

In the mountains of the northern part of Karpathos stands Olympos, one of the most traditional villages in Greece. During the first half of the 20th century, Olympos was completely isolated. Only in 1979 a dirt road was opened in the mountains, several tens of kilometers long to connect it to the southern area of ​​the island. Traveling this road was a real adventure, a feat for daredevils.

Thus, the authentic character of the village has remained intact. In 2011 the paved road was built that opened the doors of Olympos to mass tourism, distorting it a little. However, even today, walking through its narrow streets, you can meet women dressed in traditional clothes, intent on doing housework, or cooking  typical Karpathos dishes.

Small, but probably the most special, is the village of Spoa, located in Ano Karpathos, somewhere in the middle of the island, about 20 km from the capital Pigadia.