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General Information Even though Antiparos is such a small island, it can get very busy in summer. It is only 30 minutes away from Paros, and is therefore a popular goal for people that like travelling around. Some time ago only a few would visit it, mainly those who had heard of its famous cave and made a day trip to Antiparos from the nearby cosmopolitan island of Paros.
Today things have change. Visitors have discovered that the little sister of Paros is a small world with its own charms, so more and more visitors spending their holidays here in order to explore it. In Antiparos the pace of life is easy and smooth, and despite the small size of the island, there are plenty of choices and for every taste. You go to Antiparos for the beauty and the beaches, and surprisingly, for the nightlife as well. Therefore it is a good holiday resort for both families, youngsters and a more mature audience. It all comes down to where you choose to stay: in Chora you'll find the nightlife, and in Psaraliki you'll be close to the beach.A very good side of Antiparos is that it is almost traffic free and you can walk to many places.

History We do not know much about the island's history, but it is probably closely connected with the history of Paros.

The island was probably one with Paros at some time, and there is evidence that there were Neolithic settlements here. In the 2nd Millennia BC it was probably inhabited by Minoans - Cretans.

In the 13th century the island, just like its neighbours fell under Venetian Rule, only to be conquered by the Turks 300 years later.

The liberation came in the 19th century.

During World War II the island was occupied by Italian soldiers.

What to See-The cave of Antiparos is known since ancient years. It still has stalactites and stalagmites, but Russian soldiers cut many of them during the war 1700-1774 and kept them as souvenirs. Italian soldiers did the same thing during the second world war. There are inscriptions in the cave and some of the names that can still be discerned is Bishop De Gabrie (1673) and Otto, king of Greece (1840).

Agios Georgios is worth a visit. It is a tiny village with pretty surroundings and great calm.

What to Do :On Antiparos you enjoy the sun and the sea!!! There are some watersports and also a diving school.A visit to the spectacular cave strolls in the paved alleys of Kastro,Swimming in numerous beaches rivalling in beuty, short or long walks or bike rides to discover the island's hidden charms,various sports and scuba diving,or sea kayaking,and underwater
fishing for the active ones,night life,and also trips around the island and
the famous Despotiko Island.

Beaches You can pick and choose between the many little beaches Antiparos has to offer. On Psaralidhaki nudism is allowed.

Nighttlife:The bars and clubs are in Chora, and it can get very hectic during high season. Occasionally beach parties are also organised.

Food- Most restaurants in Chora are traditional Greek fish taverns, but there is also a pizzeria. A specialty on the island is dried octopus, and in general fish is very typical food here.

Shopping: There are many shops in Chora, and you can get clothes, souvenirs and things for the beach.

Getting Around Antiparos is small enough for you to be able to get around a lot just by walking. There is a local bus connecting Chora with the cave. You can rent a car as well, but its better to get a moped or a bicycle.

Getting There :The closest island is Paros, so the best way to get here is to take a direct flight to Paros from Athens or a ferry from Piraeus and then take the local boat which only is about a 30 minute sail.

Antiparos accommodation: During your stay In Antiparos you will have the chance to get acquainted with its people, open and hospitable folk who adore their island. This means that in Antiparos you will not see big hotel complexes, but small family-run units in harmony with the colour and the feeling of a small and beautiful island such as this one. In Antiparos the visitor will fill that you would have to come here again and again in order to find out all there is to know. If you plan on visiting Antiparos During the high season (1st June-15th of September), You should better make your reservations beforehand in order to ensure good accommodation.

The Hotel Artemis, situated on the right end of the port, as you face the land,  this beautiful hotel located literally on the seashore. Artemis hotel is built according to the Cycladic architectural style and is comprised of fully-furnished, comfortable rooms, studios and apartments that offers a spectacular view of the picturesque port and the deep blue Aegean Sea, rendering it as one of the finest Antiparos hotels . For more information and reservations visit the website of the Hotel at or email [email protected] .

Accommodation in Antiparos Artemis hotel Antiparos

Facts about Antiparos* Phone numbers*
Size: Size: 55 sq. km International code: 0030
Population: about 900 Local code: 22840
Cash machine: Health center: 
Internet cafe: Yes  Police 23333
Highest Mountain:   Port Police: 21240
Airport: No Antiparos Port: 61485
Price rate: cheaper then other Cyclades islands

Paros map  

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