Discover the beaches of Chios

chios-beach Chios offers a good range of beaches from long stretches of sand served by all the usual tourist facilities to small pebble coves far from the madding crowds.

Buses from Chios Town run to and from all the most popular beaches but if you hire a car or scooter you’ll be able to uncover many lovely, unspoilt spots around the island’s coastline.

The busiest and most tourist-orientated beach resort is Karfas, seven kilometres south of the town. The 500-metre sandy beach is lined with hotels, bars and tavernas and there are plenty of watersports to occupy the locals and visitors who flock here in July and August.

This is where you’ll find the majority of the island’s large package holiday hotels and the beach tends to get over-crowded in high season so steer clear if you’re seeking a quiet, tranquil corner.

Megas Limnionas, a short distance south of Karfas, has a smaller but more picturesque beach which attracts less foreign visitors but is popular with the locals. Neighbouring Agia Fotini is one of the island’s most beautiful beaches – a 700-metre stretch of white pebbles lapped by extraordinarily clear water. The beach is well served by bars, restaurants and holiday accommodation, much of which is block-booked by Scandinavian tour groups.

One of the island’s most unusual beaches is Mavra Volia, near Emborios six kilometres south east of the mastic village of Pyrgi. The beach consists of glittering black volcanic pebbles backed by cliffs and shelving into water darkened by the black-pebbled seabed.

Perhaps here lay the inspiration for the “wine dark sea” referred to by the blind poet Homer who was born on Chios. An even more dramatic beach of purple-grey volcanic stones lies over the headland from Mavra Volia.

A small road leading south west from Pyrgi takes you to unspoilt Kato Fana beach where there’s a natural spring but no tourist facilities. The remains of a temple dedicated to Apollo surround a medieval chapel 400 metres above the small, sheltered beach.

The west coast is peppered with many sand and pebble beaches which are generally less crowded and developed than the more popular east coast resorts. Windswept Lithi beach tends to get crowded with weekenders from Chios Town in the summer months.

Some of the best west coast beaches are clustered near Volissos including lovely Limnos with its combination of sand and shiny black pebbles. Just north of Limnos lies Ayia Markella which is a stunning beach featured on many island postcards.

At the northern end of the island you’ll find beautiful Nagos where the lush greenery is fed by springs flowing from an oasis above the beach. It’s a delightful beach of tiny coloured pebbles and crystal clear waters overlooked by a pretty hill top chapel.

In the north west corner of the island you can take the curative waters of Ayiasmata where the hot healing springs are rich in iron and sulphur.

Excursion boats run regularly from Chios Town to the islet of Inousses, off the north east corner of the island, where you’ll find several unspoilt beaches along the southern coastline. Don’t expect any tourist facilities but the water is calm and exceptionally clear.

The beach of Agiasmata located in the north side of the island, the beach has pebles and is usually windy during the meltemi winds. The village of Agiasmata is popular for its cure springs, therefore you can enjoy swimming, diving and fishing with a visit to the springs of the area.

The beach of Limnia located near to the village of Volissos. A nice beach ideal for families with a nice promenade. You will find there accommodations, restaurants and cafes. In the same are you will find the beaches of Lampsas, Managros and Gonia.

Vrontados has some very nice beaches, the beach of Daskalopetra is one of the most popular ones with small pebbles and palm trees along the water front that makes a idyllic setting. Other beache of the are of Vrondados is the beach of Afanis Naftis ideal for families with children.

Karfas beach is probably the most touristy beach  of Chios. The sandy beach beach of Karfas is well organised with sun beds and umbrellas. the area has a lush vegetation and the water is crystal and clear. Near to Karfas are the beaches of of Kontari and Megas Limionas

The beach of Komi located in the south of Chios town and is near to the mastic village of Kalamoti. The beach in very large with sand and pebbles and is very well organised, you will find eateries, bars and cafes.

In Kardamyla you will find the beach of Giosona, here according to mythology stop for a while Jason and his Argonauts. Near by are the beaches of Vlyhada and Nagos.

In the south of Chios a few kilometres from Pyrgi you will find the beaches of Emporios, Fanos and Karinta.

In Mesta you will find the near by beach of Limenas Meston,  the beach has pebbles and there are trees along the sea front. There are accommodations and taverns.