Whar are the best beaches in Astypalea

Astypalea is surrounded by many beaches which are scattered throughout the perimeter of the island. Its natural configuration is rich, with large beaches, such as the one in Livadi, Vatses, Agios Ioannis, Steno, Kaminakia, Psili Ammos, and even smaller coves such as Tzanakia and Plakes. It is worth mentioning the beaches in Astypalaia that are located on the small islands of Koutsomytis and Kounoupes which are accessible from the boats parked on the island.

Agios Ioannis beach

The beach of Agios Ioannis is one of the most famous beaches of the island. It is only accessible by boat or by hiking about half an hour from a downhill path. It got its name from the small church of Agios Ioannis that dominates the mountain above the beach. To the left of the hill is what remains of the Castle of Agios Ioannis.


Agios Ioannis Rihtis

At the southwest end of Astypalaia, Richtis is a special remote beach with amazing waters that will satisfy even the most demanding. The wild landscape with the steep rocks in and out of the sea, offer a special experience. Also notice the craggy cliffs high above the beach where there are hawk nests. Quite likely you will see many of them flying around the area, giving you unique images. It is accessible only by boat or by following the descent of the ravine from the homonymous church of Agios Ioannis Richtis to the beach (30 minutes – moderate difficulty).


Agios Konstantinos beach

Agios Konstantinos is one of the most beautiful beaches which competes with Tzanaki in view of the Castle and the Town. The beach is pebbly, the water is deep and there are tamarisk trees for natural shade.

agios-kostantinos beach

Agios Vasilios beach

Quiet beach, with pebbles, below the church of Agios Vasilios, accessible by car. It is located between Livadi and Tzanakia beach.


Balani beach

A small and beautiful beach before Panormos is Valani. There is no direct path to it, but you can reach it on foot with a 15-20 minute walk. Beach with pebbles outside and sand inside which has no trees or any natural shade.


Ble Limanaki beach

One of the smallest beaches in Astypalaia, with pebbles and shallow waters. It is a very closed cove near the settlement of Maltezana that is protected from the wind and offers the right environment to enjoy your dives. The beach is not visible from the road and so you have to climb a few meters up the small hill you meet on your right, once you reach the sign that says Ble Limananaki


Vatses beach

Another remote beach worth the dirt drive as the deep waters and wild scenery will repay you. Indeed, the size of the coast in combination with the mountains that surround it, offer you the right escape for relaxation and swimming. Vatses beach is accessible by road (dirt road 3/4 of the way. In half of its area there are tamarisk trees and some umbrellas for shade. The beach has pebbles for the most part but also sand at the beginning as the water approaches. In Vatses there is also the cave of Negros. On the left side of the beach are the “small Vatses” (pebbles) which are only visible by boat. You can get there by swimming from Vatses.


Kaminakia beach

Kaminakia is one of the most beautiful but also the most distant beaches in Astypalaia. It is the choice of those who do not care about the distance and the dirt road, but seek to get to know the, according to many, the most beautiful beach of Astypalaia. In the western part of the island, this natural harbor will impress most people and offer moments of relaxation that you will remember for a long time. Beyond the deep crystal waters, you will find tamarisk trees at the edge of the beach. The beach is long, with sand in most of it and the waters relatively deep.


Kounoupes beach

On the island of Kounoupes the visitor will find a very beautiful double beach (a relatively narrow strip of land joins one side of the island to the other forming a beach on both sides) with waters that resemble a swimming pool in color. Access is only by boat. Mosquitoes have an exotic appearance – they are something different that is worth seeing during your stay in Astypalaia.


Koutsomytis beach

Koutsomytis and the islet of Tigani next to it are a beautiful day destination for tourist boats. The gap between Koutsomytis and Tigani creates a beautiful passage for small boats with clear blue, transparent waters. Access is only by boat. Tigani, Koutsomytis and Kounoupes make up the “exotic zone” of Astypalaia. The waters and the environment are different from what you will find on the other beaches of the island.


Livadi beach

This is the long beach of the Livadi area and it is the most organized beach of the island. The beach ends at the big rock that children prefer for their dives. The country with the Quirini Castle is visible in all its glory from Livadi.


Maltezana beach

Maltezana beach is essentially the harbor beach, on the right side it has sand and tamarind trees for visitors who wish to take a dip.


Mikro Steno beach

Before the beach of Stenos next to the main road there is the beach Mikro Steno. It has shallow waters and is pebbly with a few tamarinds in some parts of it.

mikro-steno-beach Panormos beach

The beach of Panormos is about 45 minutes from Chora with several difficult spots on the route (dirt road) that need attention. It is a wild beach, paved with pebbles and without any shade. The beach is not affected by the weather as it is protected in a bay.


Pachia ammos beach

Access to the beach is by hiking and relatively difficult descent or by boat from the sea. The beach has gravel and a few tamarind trees for shade in one part of it.


Pera Gialos

Protected from the weather, it is the most easily accessible beach of Astypalaia. It is located in the old central port of the island, in the area of Pera Gialos, in the shadow of the castle. Just above the beach there are tamarind trees that offer their shade.


Plakes beach

The beach that will probably take you all the way to the “middle island” as the locals call the northeastern part of Astypalaia. An enclosed bay that includes the picturesque Plakes beach as well as the homonymous plaques that offer the option of a separate bath for those who wish. The clear waters are uniquely combined with the wonderful seabed that characterizes this particular bay.


Steno beach

Steno is located right in the center of the island of Astypalaia, on the “narrowest” strip of land that connects the “inside” and the “outside” of the island. The beach is the shallowest of Astypalaia with golden sand.


Schinontas beach

The picturesque and calm bay located a short distance from the settlement of Maltezana, offers you a sandy, organized beach that satisfies those who want easy access and shallow waters. From the port of Maltezana, move east, pass the small hill you come across and you will immediately find yourself in front of Schinontas pier. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to walk to the left end of the beach and climb the small peninsula that has a unique view of Chora and the islets of Chondros and Glynos.


Tzanakia beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Astypalaia is Tzanakia. Considered the nudist beach, it is not visible from the main road and only if you get close enough to it from the path. The beach is of course open to all visitors who respect the uniqueness of the area! You will find there large pebbles covering the beach and the waters are relatively deep and steep.

The beach does not have any natural shade beyond the shadow of the rocks formed by the movement of the sun during the day. Tzanakia is not just one beach but four in a row (two accessible, the other two small with relative difficulty – you can go by swimming) that are formed in the gap between the rocks. From the large Tzanaki you can climb the rock and find yourself next to it with the smaller beach – more quiet.


Psili Ammos beach

It is a beautiful sandy beach with shallow, turquoise waters. Psili Ammos will especially satisfy those looking for plenty of sun until late in the afternoon and younger children who love playing in the sand.

psili ammos-beach