Lesbos the village of Kalloni

kalloni-lesvos Kalloni, a large, modern settlement and the second largest commercial center of Lesbos is best known for its famous sardine caught in its bay one of the best summer snacks.

The plain of Kalloni is the largest plain of the island, it is the green center of Lesvos and its characteristics are lots of water, rich soil, the sun that warms it 3,000 hours a year, it is the green center of Lesvos and it is densely populated, due to the wealth of, since ancient times.

Its port is Skala, a picturesque and beautiful coastal settlement in the middle of the bay with an extensive sandy beach which, especially in recent years, has seen great tourist development, in August the famous sardine festival takes place here.

Skala Kallonis is located approximately in the middle of the island ca. 42 kilometers from Mytilini. In recent years, Skala has seen great tourist development in the context of the general development of Kalloni.

The homonymous long beach of Skala Kallonis, located in the bay of Kalloni on the west coast of the island, is the main beach of the area. It is sandy and sufficiently equipped to satisfy those looking for comfort, yet secluded enough for those seeking peace and quiet.

The length of the beach is 2 kilometers, it is located between the mouths of two rivers. It has sand and its waters are shallow, which makes it ideal for swimming with children.

It is a very lively beach as it is crowded and preferred by both locals and tourists. Also, in the area you will find many taverns and cafe-bars as well as plenty of accommodation for every taste!

kalloni-monasteri In Kalloni on the road to Sigri, in the middle of a green valley, is the Monastery of Leimonos, an important monastery in the heart of Lesbos, with an impressive museum wealth and one of the most interesting sights of the island. The monastery was built in 1523.

Within the Monastery are many small and large churches, old and new. Furthermore, there are thousands of volumes of old books and manuscripts of great intellectual value and rarity.

It also operates a museum with rooms of icons, manuscripts, vestments, liturgical utensils and embroideries. A short distance from the Leimonos Monastery is the women’s Monastery of Panagia Myrsiniotissa, a Byzantine monastery which was also restored by Saint Ignatius Agallianos, who also built the Leimonos Monastery in 1523.

Here in Kalloni, the island’s first secondary school, the famous “Provincial Greek School”, was opened in 1804, where the teachers who staffed the rest of the island’s schools graduated.


Skala Kallonis

kalloni-lesbos The gulf port and beach resort of Skala Kalloni has a picturesque harbour and one of the best beaches on Lesvos. The beach is big and sandy and the water shallow. It tends to be very calm as the gulf mouth is narrow and the bay well protected.

Several restaurants are found on the shoreline and more the centre of the resort, along with minimarkets, hotels, tourist shops and so on.

The port is home to the island’s sardine fishing fleet and is a colourful place to visit in the early as fishermen unload their catches.

Skala Kaloni is noted for its Sardine Festival in August, based in the village square and has ouzo and sardines, music and dancing.

The surrounding countryside is varied, from salt marshes to hill forests with interesting places to visit, including a horse racing festival at Agia Paraskevis, temple ruins at Klopedi and the Kremasti Bridge.