Mykonos by night Clubs and Bars


Mykonos nightlife lives up to its reputation, with clubbers partying into the early hours to the world’s biggest DJs and alongside the biggest international celebrities.
For those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, fear not. From the charming bars of Little Venice to the quaint cocktail bars of Chora, Mykonos has you covered.

When all the other alleys of Chora are deserted, in these lively squares the music continues to be heard loudly, the fans enjoying cool cocktails and socialising becomes the key to the most exciting night out!

If there is a Greek island where the night seems like day and the nightlife is the wildest and most fun of all the Cyclades Islands, that is Mykonos.

So if you are looking for a destination for young people, one of the most popular islands for tourists from all over the world, where you never get bored and dance from 5 in the afternoon until the early hours of the morning, you have chosen the island that is for you.

Those who, after a relaxing afternoon on the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, want to take a walk can reach the agglomeration with the white, blue and colored houses of the Chora of Mykonos Town and venture into the streets of the Little Venice district, in search of taverns, small colorful bars and clubs, which have a spectacular view of the sea, and are literally besieged by tourists just before sunset.

The discos in the center of Mykonos

The evenings on the island are famous in all the seaside resorts of Greece and the night is young, so let’s go in search of the best clubs in Mykonos. One of the most beautiful and largest is the Cavo Paradiso Club, with a track so large that exceeds three thousand square meters, where you can dance to the rhythm of international DJ sets with incredible views of the sea and the cliff (but pay attention to the entrance ticket which can be expensive).

At the top of the list there is also the beach and the famous Paradise Beach Club, the most famous and popular, by the sea, voted by international DJs as the 14th Best Club in the world ranking, which in 2019 celebrates its 50th anniversary and is preparing a program of parties and events not to be missed!

At Paradise the dance music is always at full volume starting at 5 pm, with dancers and entertainers who warm up the atmosphere in the three rooms and by the pool: do not miss its moon party, where glasses of sangria are poured non-stop and dance under the stars on the two slopes, Paradise Beach and Super Paradise. On the site you can buy the entrance ticket to spend less or book a VIP table to ensure an unforgettable evening.

One of the largest nightclubs on the island is in the center, indoors and is called Spacedance, with a dance floor that can hold more than a thousand people for unbridled fun: here dancers on the cube and strobe lights are the masters and there is no shortage of warm gay-friendly nights.

Calling it just a disco or disco-bar would be an understatement, because the Skandinavian Bar is a must for nightlife in the center of Mykonos and since 1978 in its small square (from 20 to 6 in the morning), there are dance floors with different musical selections, corners with counter for the open bar to recharge with shots, cocktails or beer, and then there are rooms (outdoors or indoors), where you dance above and below the tables, with public areas and VIP areas where you toast regardless of expenses.

Does anyone ask for the closing time of the discos in Mykonos? Don’t be afraid to go wild until the morning and remember that on the most festive island in all of Greece there are whole groups of kids who wait for the dawn dancing non-stop, stopping only as soon as the sun rises, when they finally decide to go to sleep, when the rest of the tourists get ready to go to the beach.

Then there are also gay friendly clubs, such as the white bar Jackie O’Beach, on the famous Super Paradise beach, which offers transgressive evenings often animated by hilarious drag queens, as also happens at the Pierros bar.

Always open from late afternoon to early morning is the Babylon, with its relaxed atmosphere and dance evenings with commercial music. It doesn’t matter who you are, not even who you love, not even at the @ 54 Club, a disco with a house or pop sound, where the night is filled with uninhibited souls. Enjoy a beautiful sunset and gay friends are also welcome at Montparnasse, which offers excellent cocktails and nights with live music.

The atmosphere of the Toy Room is not bad either: the name already helps, if you then add soft lighting, cheap cocktails, girls and entertainers who involve the most timid and the “game” is done.

Is your goal to go wild in a beach bar and throw yourself into wild beach parties? The most loved is the Tropicana Beach Bar, one of the most coveted places on the island, on Paradise Beach, open every day from 9 to 1 am, where you can dance in costume and non-stop until you drop in a fun atmosphere and animated. And it’s not bad even for the low cost of admission: renting an umbrella and two sun loungers on the beach can cost starting from 20 euros.

Soft atmosphere, lounge music, gourmet dishes and elegant clientele can always be found at the Kastro Bar, one of the most coveted in Little Venice: this is the right place for the sunset, which can be enjoyed sipping a few good cocktails in good company.

Renowned on the harbor is the Remezzo lounge bar, which has an elegant restaurant on the terrace and is ideal for those who want to have a romantic dinner at sunset and then stop for a few cocktails just a few steps from the water.

Another address for an intimate and passionate evening is the Belvedere, with the pool that creates an atmosphere and the cocktail bar that offers exotic drinks and revisited classics.

In the daytime Mykonos Town is busy with many kinds of holidaymakers: Families, couples and groups from all over the world, of all ages, shapes and sizes cluster here to shop, eat and enjoy the many sights the town has to offer.

In the evening, it becomes populated with ‘the beautiful people’; mostly young males and females, gay and straight, parading their young slender bodies, toned and tanned in elegant high fashion. If you want to be seen, this is the place to be seen!

mykonos-nightlifeAs the night advances, the middle-aged slip away to their beds and the town belongs to the young. Here you won’t find the raucus revelling that is carried out by European teenagers who visit some of the other Greek islands, Mykonos is far to ‘cool’ for such displays – but it has displays of its own. Mykonos Town at night is a place which never sleeps.

Many of the fashion shops, jewellers, small supermarkets etc. remain open until well after 1a.m. It is a place when even if you are dead tired, you don’t want to go back to your hotel to sleep because there is so much energy in the centre of the town and you want it to rub off on you. Nightlife in Mykonos town stimulates all your senses with its lively variety of clubs, dancing, live music, restaurants and cafes, bars and seaside taverns.

You can be a chameleon during your holiday, spoiling yourself by splurging out in one of  Mykonos exclusive garden restaurants, adorned in all your finery, hoping to spot one of the countless Greek or internationally famous people who frequent the island in the summer months, or, dressing down in your best ‘grunge’ or ‘hippy gear’ to sit in one of the atmospheric bars or restaurants that line the seafront of Little Venice.

little-venice-bars Alternatively, you can dress ‘incognito’, hiding behind large sunglasses, and watch the parade of people taking their evening stroll along the seafront . Finally, if you are feeling extremely daring, you can don your most outrageous attire and visit the famous gay bar in the town, the Pierro’s bar, with its twice nightly drag show entertainment.

From noon starts the party mainly from the area of Little Venice. As you coming down from the wind mills through Alefkandra gate, walk through the bars of Little Venice and squeeze through the crowds along the narrow pavement between the sea and the bars.

The Caprice bar seems to be partying all day and night and, with its bohemian decor and lively music it creates a different atmosphere and attracts many Greek and foreigner young people. Adjacent to the nightlife bar Caprice are the Semeli, Galleraki, Scarpa and Veranda bars. All have an atmosphere as lively as the Caprice bar but slightly more terraced seating space.

In order to enjoy the nightlife of Mykonos in high season or during periods of Greek national holidays, you need to get here quite early in the evening in order to find a place to sit where you can avoid being trampled on by the passing crowds of people cutting through the narrow space between the table and the walking path.

Right on the corner of Little Venice you will see the Veranda bar. It is located in one of the charmingly quaint buildings that gives the area its unique character. If you are lucky you can get a seat on its old wooden first floor veranda and avoid the constant crush of passers-by that the other bars suffer from.

The whole area around Little Venice is a perfect place to sit and and watch the sky changing as the sun sets. Whilst enjoying a refreshing drink or delicious meal you can enjoy the wonders of nature’s paint box as she turns day into night with colours that alter from ultramarine to turquoise to pink and gold and then to the deep navy blue of the night sky, twinkling with silver stars and the golden lights of the cruise ships out at sea. Once the sun sets the crowds begin to disperse slightly as the ‘young and the restless’ leave to embellish themselves for the night ahead.

mykonos-by-nightWithin the town of Mykonos there are numerous of trendy music bars or just cafe bars for every taste. Near to the place where there used to be the old sophisticated, Vengera bar, is the Aroma Bar which mostly has a Greek clientele. It is located right at the most busiest junction of Mykonos Town centre, namely, between Matogianni and Enoplon Dynameon Streets. Here is one of the best places to enjoy a drink and watch the colourful crowds passing by, increasing in density and ‘peacockery’ as the night goes on.

In the early evening, at Aroma Bar, the music is light and easy Jazz. A few steps further takes you to another popular bar, The Cosi, where you can sit on the raised walled seating that line the sides of the street, The jolly mile extends further to Aegli and Astra at the 3 wells. Stay for some time and watch the transformation.

mykonos-sunset-barIn the early evening (around 8p.m.) young people flock here from the nearby beaches, still drenched in sun and sand, their glossy hair pulled back in a casual way that only the young can make beautiful. However, as the evening draws on they disappear and re-emerge as super-butterflies in flimsy flowing dresses.

Interestingly, at this time of night it is the middle-aged visitor who by 8p.m. is coiffured and spruced up for their evening dinner before quietly withdrawing and giving the town up to the young for the night. Later on, the night outing will continue in Cavo Paradiso, Ode, Remezzo, Kastro, Ramroo, on the stairs in Manto square, in Mykonos bar, Thalami, Scandinavian and many other clubs and bars who are making the nightlife of Mykonos one of the most wild and beautiful in Europe.

Little Venice by night

little-venice-mykonos-at-nightOne of the most special places for day and night, this part of Mykonos town combines idyllic landscape with some of the most special bars of the island! Here life begins at dusk, with the incurably romantic people enjoying the sunset with a cocktail.

At night the scene changes, with the intensity of the music but also the mood rises. Updated the Semeli bar, which, among other things designed the upper floor to welcome the private “Toy Room”.
Just opposite, the private club Project, ethereal cosmopolitan presences of Mykononian nightlife, confirm a place on the guest list!

In other rhythms, Galleraki, does not need recommendations, neither the all time classic Argo but also the legendary Caprice, which, after its moving closing party at the point where it lasted for 3 decades, found his new home!

In the other corner, Scarpa has its own loyal audience, while on the edge of Little Venice, the Veranda is recommended with two stages, one with rock music and the other with house music, with well-known guest DJs! Two brand new cocktail bars made their appearance right the sea front, the Miniature Breeze with loud cocktails and sought after music.

Bars and clubs in Mykonos

Then there are other bars that you should try, each with its special drink, with its lively personality, super-trendy places to meet beautiful girls and where the guys show proud muscles and abs, like at the Guzel Mykonos Club, where you toast cheerfully and the track is almost always hot.

The music volume rises and the party air is sweeping on Paranga beach is the Kalua Beach Bar, one of the most popular bars that transforms the bay with its rhythm and DJ sets that go on until dawn. You can also dance from 11 am to 1 am in the Scorpios Beach Bar, waiting for the sunset on the beach and having fun following the rhythm from the water to its colorful bars.

If you want a more trendy beach bar then you should go to Nammos, frequented by celebrities and personalities who prefer champagne to water.

Hands up at Thalami: this bar is very popular, with both Greek and international live music, which draws an equally diverse audience and pleases both Greeks and foreign tourists. Those who prefer the soul and Latin music can let themselves be carried away by the rhythm of the Aroma Bar.

For those on a low cost budget, the advice is to land at the Mex Cocktail Bar, preferred by the very young and open non-stop, where you spend little, you drink well and dance without too many pretensions, in an always lively and international environment.

Cavo Paradiso

cavo-paradisoArguably Mykonos’ best-known club, the open-air Cavo Paradiso on Paradise Beach invites you to dance and drink until dawn, after the bars of Mykonos Town have quieted down. Having hosted personalities and celebrities, the Cavo Paradiso promises you a fabulous show.

Built on the rocks, the ultimate after dance club of internationally renowned DJs is now, after two decades, a must experience for every visitor! Foreigners and Greeks, now wearing their sunglasses, welcome the sunrise around the pool and exchange dancing the first “good morning”!

It is better to reserve a table in advance. You can get to Paradise Beach by bus from the Fabrika Terminal and the Old Port in Mykonos Town and it only takes 20 minutes. Paradise Beach can also be reached by water taxi from beaches such as Platis Gialos.

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Scandinavian bar

scandinavian bar mykonosIf it is a bar during the day, the Scandinavian Bar completely changes facets at nightfall. In the heart of the old town of Mykonos since 1978, this bar-club has become an icon of the nightlife on Mykonos with the broadcast of varied music, especially disco, and with its tempting cocktails.

hether you prefer to relax and chat on the patio or show off your best moves on the outdoor dance floor, you’re sure to have some memorable nights here. Timeless, the bar plays all the good sounds of the moment and the atmosphere is boosted!

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Scorpios bar

scorpios-bar-mykonosNestled in a sumptuous ocher setting along Paranga Beach, Scorpios is the perfect fusion of simplicity and luxury and a great alternative if you’re not in the mood to party.

This hedonistic beach club, both bar and restaurant, offers a relaxed atmosphere in an idyllic and enchanting setting.

Come and admire the sunsets from the beach igniting the blond sand while sipping a tasty cocktail. More than just a place, Scorpios is a real experience.

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Rock n Roll

rock-and-roll-mykonosThe legendary Rock n Roll, with its special design ,, has been rocking in Mykonos for the last six summers, in the cosmopolitan square of Agia Kyriaki!

In the same square where, a little earlier, you tasted Mediterranean -in ethnic touch- flavors in the ultra chic “sister” of Balthazar, Rock n Roll takes the lead with premium drinks, but also classic and signature cocktails of the renewed list, which are served by the stars of the genre.
Until the dawn comes, the musical choices of its DJs take off – and all this next to the most beautiful and casual chic crowd of Mykonos

Paradise beach club

paradise beach bar Often considered the best nightclub in Mykonos, the Paradise Club has a reputation throughout Europe and the world.

Located on its own private beach which is none other than Paradise Beach, in the heart of the capital, the nightclub has no less than three open-air stages as well as a swimming pool and systematically attracts the biggest stars of electro music. and tech.

Among the evenings not to be missed, find the full moon party which takes place every month as well as the big party at the end of summer, at the end of September.

Passo Doble

passo-doble-mykonosIts name, in addition to the well-known dance, has as a source of inspiration the point at which it is located, a “passage” that can accommodate only two people. It became a hangout from the first moment and, until today, 10 years later, it justifies its reputation as one of the most beloved cocktail bars of the island, with an excellent location  in the heart of Mykonos town

With Mexican touches in decoration and rock orientation, he “plays” in his own rhythms and welcomes us early for the first coffee of the day, until late at night in a party mood. Rock, funky and groovy looking for sounds (there is no lack of parties and guest DJs), its huge list of imaginative house cocktails but also the rich wine cellar with special labels of gin and vodka, have made it a necessary “station” in the most glamorous night Highlight: If you are lucky and catch one of the few coveted tables in the caldera, you will enjoy the most cosmopolitan window.


queen-barIn the heart of Chora, the Queen of Mykonos is a very nice champagne and cocktail bar to enjoy an early evening as a couple or with friends. Open all day, a DJ arrives in the evening to liven up the night, but the Queen of Mykonos remains a bar where people come to relax and sip a cocktail quietly before midnight.

Identified with the entertainment chapter for 6 years, this champagne bar needs no recommendations. A cosmopolitan aura, a glamorous parade, an exemplary gaia with fine champagnes and the recently arrived border cocktails.

Distinguish are the cocktails with champagne with edible 24K gold leaves and its champagnes, Bolinger, Dom Perignon, Crystal and Armand de Brignac. All this in an environment of affordable luxury, with Myconian touch, specialized staff, select audience and free spirit music.

Its crowds, among them many celebrities, with glasses of champagne in hand, have flooded not only the cosmopolitan alley but every spark from the neighboring terraces, causing literally traffic jams!


tropicana-beach-bar-mykonosOne of the must-see spots on Paradise Beach is the Tropicana bar, an all-day bar where you can have breakfast on the beach and, when the DJs take over, party all night from 4:30 p.m.

Voted the sexiest beach bar by the Travel Channel, the Tropicana continues to draw crowds of young, hipsters for its epic beach parties.

Paradise Beach is easily accessible by public transport from Fabrika Station and the Old Port of Mykonos Town, the bus journey takes approximately 20 minutes. You can also get to Paradise Beach by water taxi from beaches such as Platis Gialos.


kastro-mykonos-barWhen the square of Agia Kyriaki closed for the gay public and its famous meeting point at Pierro’s club, it created an all-inclusive meeting point, transporting all its wonderful people to the area of the Castle.

A pioneer in this, Jackie O ’! With drag shows every night from 02:00, great location and music that guarantees dancing until the morning, it is no coincidence that they are also popular with straight people! A few alleys away Port Porta, one of the first gay bars, has won its own fans!


In an atmospheric space and highly renovated,  Guzel confirms its reputation as one of the hot spots of entertainment and gives the potential presence for the 8th year in our night excursions.

Here you will enjoy your drinks with mainstream sounds, which become louder as the night goes on, so that everyone can be in a partying mood until the morning. Of course, there is no lack of events – separate DJ sets

La Bikina

La Bikina is a must meeting point in the night life of Chora.
Comfortable Pillows and discreet decorative “touches” give the minimal interior space, while the fold outside and a place on the steps are transformed every night into the ultimate object of desire, with the most provocative view of Matogianni!


The most famous corner in Matogianni for the last 20 years does not need recommendations! This year, with a new push waiting for you during the day for coffee, fresh juices and breakfast, until late at night for cocktails from the super updated list, but also for socializing and celebrity watching to the sounds of the Dj’s!


In the three wells, the central point of Chora, the legendary Stars, a reference point in the nightlife of the island since 1987, always stand out thanks to the beautiful flowery courtyard, the impressive space, the glamorous crowd and, of course, the parties that are unforgettable!


Maintaining the glamor of the old mansion and the Cycladic references, the Ode (it has been reigning as Glamor for the last 20 years) is an ideal meeting point for a comfortable getaway in the cosmopolitan scene! Emphasis is given to breakfasts, cold dishes, energy juices and excellent cocktails, Ode is the ideal spot for watching from above the cosmopolitan companies walking around.


At a privileged spot on Mykonos promenade, above the old Camares, the successful Cabaret awaits for another season in an ultra cosmopolitan and at theatrale space for live clubbing until the early hours of the morning. In the first weekends of July, deifying by the unsurpassed music of the 90’s until the end of August.

Kalua bar

Located on the famous Paranga beach, the Kalua Beach Bar is ideal for enjoying cocktails and meals under the mild Greek sun, by the Aegean Sea.

Let yourself be tempted by the Kalua cocktail accompanied by sushi on a small beach deckchair while admiring the sunset.
At nightfall, like many bars on the island, the Kalua welcomes DJs to keep you dancing until the morning.

Sunset Bar

Ideal for admiring the wonderful sunsets of the island with lounge music in the background, the 180° Sunset Bar is located at the top of a hill in the castle of Penigrakis.

It is the ideal place to sip one of the bar’s signature cocktails, all in an open-air setting with a breathtaking view of the island and the sea. A unique experience not to be missed under any circumstances.