The seaside village of Loutra in Kythnos

loutraLoutra is the seaside settlement of Kythnos located in the north-eastern part of the island, 17 km from Kanala and 12 km from the port of Kythnos Merichas. Around the Loutra beach, the picturesque settlement, with its white Cycladic houses, is built amphitheatrically.

A special note is the Mazaraki tower in the eastern part of the settlement, built in the style of a Western European tower that stands out. The Baths of Kythnos owe their development to the thermal springs that exist there and are the only ones in the Cyclades. So many people, mainly the elderly, but also people with arthritic problems, muscular and neurological problems, choose the Baths of Kythnos for their Bath Therapies and also for their summer vacations.


But apart from these visitors, many choose Kythnos Baths and the wider area for the wonderful clear blue beaches that are nearby, such as Agia Irini Beach, Schinari Beach, Agios Sosti Beach and Potamia Beach. The Baths of Kythnos have a boat marina for tourist boats, sailboats, inflatables, offering them full refueling (water, fuel) as well as protection for the passing vessels when the weather “turns on” and makes it impossible to continue their journey. On the beach of the settlement on the sea, you will see many taverns, ouzo bars and cafes spread out their tables, offering a unique feeling to prospective patrons

A remnant from the recent past is the old ore loading platform located above the Loutra Marina, a sign that iron ore mines operated on the island in the previous century. We consider that during your stay in Kythnos it is necessary to visit the beautiful Loutra as well as the nearby castle of Oria which is less than 5 km away. You can reach Loutra Kythnos from the port of Merichas with the bus that runs the route Merichas-Chora Kythnos-Loutras several times a day.