The capital of Zakynthos

zakynthos town Zakynthos Town is the capital of Zakynthos and much of it was rebuilt after the 1953 earthquake that destroyed most of its Venetian and Byzantine heritage.

Some survived, however, and much rebuilding tried to recreate the lost architectural heritage so the town has a pleasant, if stuffy, ambience with several imposing buildings.

Zakynthos Town was once dubbed the ‘Venice of the South’ and this is the commercial, cultural and administrative centre of Zante and quite large with upwards of 30,000 living here.

The most notable site in Zakynthos Town is the ruin of a Venetian Fortress, built in 1644, that sits on the hill above the town.

Visitors will find several decent museums, most notably the The Museum of Byzantine Art in Solomou Square, the Solomos Museum and the Museum of Zakynthos.

Also of note is the main church of St Dionysos, named after the island’s patron saint, which has an impressive art collection.

zakynthos town what to see

The Strata Marina, or Marine Street, is the main road and the busiest part of the town. It leads to the picturesque harbour which has a great setting but is spoiled by the high levels of traffic.

The main beach for Zakynthos Town is to the north, a long and narrow scrap of shingle and not very attractive but there are pleasant parks here and some tennis courts. The Zakynthos town beach is often used by locals at weekends