Nightlife in Aegina Bars cafes restaurants

aegina-nightlifeAegina is organized in terms of nightlife and entertainment. Throughout the island you will find hangouts, cafes and bars, so you can enjoy with your soul the nightlife that it will offer you!

In Aegina there is a good night life, bars, bars and clubs with Greek and foreign music, cafes, many restaurants and taverns.

Depending on the mood you can simply have fun with a good dinner in the seaside shops or have fun in a bar. There are also summer cinemas in Aegina.

Mezedopoleio to Steki is one of the most popular places in town, consistently packed with people enjoying this excellent ouzeri’s barbecued octopus and tasty seafood snacks. If you’re not a fish fan head for Lekkas, a small waterfront taverna which serves up simple but tasty meat grills at an affordable price.

The favourite dining spot among the locals is Vatsoulia, about 10 minutes walk from the town centre along the road to the Temple of Aphaia. Jasmine and honeysuckle scent the garden which is a lovely dining spot on a summer evening. In winter you can tuck into a hearty hare stew in the cosy indoor dining area.

Later in the evening you’ll find plenty of music bars offering a choice of Greek pop, international chart hits, Latin, rock and rembetika. One for the Road, Apocalypse and Perdiotika are among the liveliest places in town, always packed with young trendies in the summer months. A more “mature” crowd can be found at Avli, a cosy bistro-bar in Pan Irioti where you can listen to 60s and Latin music until the small hours. Upmarket Kanellas on the waterfront is the place for bouzouki music and Mousiki Skini has rembetika (a kind of Greek blues) until 5am at weekends.

There are two open-air cinemas where foreign films are normally shown in their original language – Akroyiali at the southern end of the harbour on the road to Perdika and Olympia at the other end of the harbour near the football grounds and Miranda Hotel.

Most discos are on the other side of the island but there’s the giant Vareladiko dance club in Faros, down the coast from Aegina Town.

Several local festivals take place around the island throughout the year involving time-honoured religious rituals usually followed by feasting, dancing and general merrymaking. Check with one of the local travel agents or your tour operator for details.

Cafes in Aegina

If you want to drink your coffee in Souvala, then take a walk from the relatively new store “Anasa”, which even has a floor for frantic clubbing.

In Agia Marina on the other hand, it is impossible not to pass by the “Lighthouse”, where you can sit by the sea and enjoy the sun.

Respectively, the cafe “Liotrivi” in Perdika is next to the beach and stays open from morning until late at night offering coffee, drinks and snacks. In Perdika, however, is the “Muzik”, a place where you will drink your coffee on the white balcony overlooking the Saronic Gulf, while at night it offers perfect cocktails.

Bars in Aegina

Aegina, however, promises an intense night life with bars that play both Greek and foreign music, satisfying all tastes! The club that is the hot spot of the island is none other than the “Greek Seaside”, which among other things has a floor with live Greek music!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the “Inn on the beach” is located on the sea, something that makes it a special hangout. Also “Belle Epoque” and “En Aegini”, in the latter you can even enjoy live music in the basement, while if you like mainstream and pop sounds, then the upper floor is what you are looking for!

A good choice to enjoy your drink on the beach is the “Aqua Loca”, a beach bar in Marathon, but also the “Barracuda” in Agia Marina. In the port of Aegina,

Everything flows, the brand new all day bar restaurant of the island. In essence, Everything flows is an all day place that starts early in the morning for coffee, serves delicious dishes all day of which the homemade burgers are broken, but in the evening it is time for drinks, cocktails and dancing. Here we will enjoy frozen handmade peanut or orange cocktail and we will let the experienced bartender guide us in countless delicious combinations.

Inoi bar cafe opens early in the morning for morning guests, serving coffee and drinks. But do not hesitate in any case to try the dishes available in the store. You will be completely satisfied! Neat and beautiful space, warm atmosphere and attentive service in a fairly youthful shop in the heart of the city of Aegina.

If again, you are looking for a place for your night out, OINOI will compensate you. With a menu full of special cocktails, drinks and wines. The team of the store takes care of its catalogs, depending on the season. Do not forget to try the sweets served by the bar, either combining them after a meal or with your coffee.

Ellinikon Vintage, ideal for night out and drink, either in winter or summer, organizes some of the biggest Parties of the island! It is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular nightclubs in Aegina!

The bar from the first moment, gives yo beautiful music nights full of fun, in a modern and special place that stands out. The polite staff, and the modern and welcoming atmosphere of the store, predispose you to the quality of entertainment of the Vintage Night Club.

The Tortuga Wine Bar Art Cafe Gallery in the city of Aegina, is for many, a reason to be in Aegina, winter and summer. An Italian hangout in Aegina, with a special design and the only wine bar on the island.
In a beautiful and warm place, one can enjoy his coffee, try the sweet and delicious Italian cakes created by the Tortuga team. Hot coffee and drinks in winter, cold and cool drinks in summer.