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Greek Maps

Greece is a state in the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula and is also the southeastern edge of the European continent, bordering to the north with Albania, FYROM, part of the former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria and eastern Turkey.
Greece has an area of 131,944.00 square. km, of which 25,166.24 correspond to islands in the Ionian Sea, the Aegean and the Cretan Sea and is divided into the following geographic regions:

Central Greece and Evia (24,908 sq. km. Miles)
Thessaly (13.904 sq. km. Miles)
Macedonia (34.231 sq. km. Miles)
Thrace (8,578 sq. km. Miles)
Peloponnese (21.439 sq. km. Miles)
Epirus (9,203 sq. km. Miles)
Ionian Islands (2,307 sq. km. Miles)
Aegean Islands (9,071 sq. km. Miles)
Crete (8,331 sq. km. Miles).
The largest part of its surface (approximately 80%) is occupied by mountains and the remaining 20% of plains, an element that makes Greece one of the more mountainous areas of Europe, after Norway and Albania.

Map of Greece