Zeno of Citium
(4th-3rd century BC)

The founder of Stoicism was born on Cyprus, and was also called the Phoenecian. Originally a merchant, he had not intended to live in Greece, but after a shipwreck just outside the coast of Attica he remained in the country.
He studied under Crates of Thebes, Xenocrates and Polemon, and founded his own school, the Stoa Poikile, circa 300BC. He taught ethics, and stated that one must control oneself and live in harmony with nature, himself living as he learned. He said that nature had given man two ears and one mouth, which meant that one should listen twice as much as one should speak.
Zeno taught in Athens for over 50 years, but refused to become an Athenian citizen since he wanted to be loyal to Cypus. He died at the age of 98.

"All things are produced by Fate." Zeno

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