(341-270 BC)

Philosopher from Samos who founded a school in Mytilene on Lesbos, and also became head of a school in Lampsacus (today's Turkey).
Epicurus came from a poor family, but showed such talent that his parents through many hardships kept him in school. As a youth he did military service in Athens, and was to return later to teach his ideas.
He had many disciples, and they were called the "philosophers of the garden" since most teachings took place his garden. Both women and men were welcome, which resulted in much gossip about the ongoings there.
Although Epicurus wrote many texts, only little has survived to the afterworls. We do now he wrote on such varied subjects as physics, love, justice and the gods.
One of his basic ideas was that one should try to achieve pleasure and avoid pain through clarity and balance of mind and thought.

"Life's fundamental priciple is the satisfaction of the needs and wants of the stomach. All important and trivial matters depend on this principle and cannot be differentiated from it."

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