Antigonos Monophtalmos (One eyed)
(d. 301 BC)Hellenistic king

in the 4th century BC. Antigonos was one of the generals of Alexander the Great, and in 333 BC he was appointed governor of Phrygia.

After the death of Alexander, he was the only one who aspired to take over the whole of Alexander's world. This made the other diadochs (Kassander, Ptolemaios and Lysimachos) hostile, and they tried to fight him.

A truce between them was made in 311 BC, but Antigonos persisted even so. He sent his son Demetrios Poliorktetes to fight Kassander in Greece, but Demetrios failed miserably. Again the diadochs fought him, and at the age of 80 Antigonos died after losing the battle of Ipsos in Asia Minor.

After Antigonos death Alexander's empire was divided into even smaller parts.