Stoic philosopher from Hierapolis (today's Turkey) who originally was a slave to one of emperor Neros men. He managed to buy his freedom, and moved to Greece after this.
Epictetus wrote about morality and humanity, and said there are two things one should learn in order to lead a rightheous life: to endure and to abstain.
He believed there was a benevolent power that ultimately led everything to good. Before going to Greece he taught in Rome for some time, but was exiled by the emperor Domitian in AD 90 who was afraid of the stoic techings.
Epictetus went to live in Nicopolis on Epirus, where he spent the rest of his life. Epictetus taught that humans were irrational beings, unable to control their destiny, but that the universe was unlimited and ruled by the pure reason of God. People must calmly accept their own powerlessness before fate. Also, he taught, humans must be tolerant of each others faults, since we are all so imperfect.
"One must not tie a ship
to a single anchor
Nor life to a single hope."

Epictetus, Discourses