Aristides (c.530 - 468 BC)

Athenian general and statesman, also called The Just. He was one of the ten generals at the battle of Marathon (490 BC) where the Greeks defeated the Persians led by their king Darius I.
As leader of the aristocratic party, Aristides had a long-lasting conflict with the general and statesman Themistocles, which in 482BC led to his banishment from Athens.
He was called back when the Persians under king Xerxes I invaded Greece in 480 BC, and took part in the battle of Salamis. He also led the Athenians to victory in the battle of Plataea against the Persians.
Aristides played an important role in the formation of the confederacy of Greek city-states known as the Delian League. He was the leagues accountant, and with great accuracy decided how big each states tribute should be. Ironically, he died totally impoverished.