Olympias(4th century BC)

King Philip II of Macedonias wife, mother of Alexander the Great and sister of the king of Epirus, Olympias was known both for her beauty as well as her dark character. She was suspected of murdering Philip after he had divorced her to marry the young Cleopatra, and it was rumoured she ran through the forests at nigh, orgiasticly honouring the god Dionysis and his mysteries.
After Alexanders death, Olympias took on his young wife Roxane and her son Alexander, who had been born a few months after his fathers' death. Olympias had allied with the general Polysperchon against Antipatros son Cassandros.
She had many of Philips friends, mistresses and children murdered, as well as Alexanders wife Statira and her sister. When Polysperchon was defeated by Cassandros army, Olympias fled with Roxane and Alexander.
Polysperchon captured them soon, and Olympias was excecuted after a trial her victims families held. Roxande and Alexander were also killed, as well as other family members of Alexander the Great.