The last king of Sparta, who ruled 207-192 BC. Nabis had made himself popular amongst his people by reviving Kleomenes III's reforms: he handed out land, freed many helots etc. This was not an easy feat, and he had help from his mercenaries to to so.

Nabis then led an attack on the Achaian League, but was defeated in 200 BC. He then allied himself with Philip V of Macedonia, and was given Argos. Again, he became popular through the above reforms, but soon he was forced by the Romans to give up Argos and several cities by the coast.

When the Romans had left he tried to get these cities back, but failed miserably and was murdered by the Aeolians in 192 BC. The murderers were apprehended by the Spartans, and a crowd of people lynched them.

After his death Sparta was declared independent.