Antigonos II Gonatas

King of Macedonia, (ca. 320-239BC) son of Demetrios Poliorktetes. When his father died in 282 he took the throne, and was to fight for his title as king many times. He was an educated man and had received his schooling in Athens. One of his teachers was Zeno of Citium.

In 277 BC he defeated the Celts, but three years later he was driven away by Pyrrhus. He could return soon, though, since Pyrrhus died in 272 BC.

Antigonos was greatly hated by the Greeks, since he had put tyrants to rule many cities, as well as putting military camps around the country, also called the Three Fetters of Hellas.

The Egyptian king Ptolemaios II made Athens and Sparta declare war against him, but they were defeated in the so called Chremonideian War. As a result of this, Athens was to be occupied by the Macedonians for 35 years.