Created by Hephaestus on Zeus' demand, Pandora was the first woman. She was made as a punishment to the humans since they had gotten the fire and the best part of the sacrifice through Prometheus.Hephaestus made her out of mud and water, gave her life and a voice. Athena made her able to weave and sow, the Graces and Peitho dressed her and gave her jewellery and Hermes gave good speech and a treacherous mind. Thereof her name.She married Prometheus brother Epimetheus, and as a wedding gift the gods gave her a box that was never to be opened. Not being able to resist her curiosity, Pandora eventually opened it, and all the sorrows and sicknesses of the world, from tidal waves to premature balding, flew out of it. She closed the box, but only hope remained.Thus, the hope never abandons us through our misfortunes.