Acacallis, Greek mythology

acacallis Acacallis,was one of the daughtesr of King Minos and queen Pasiphae of Crete. Her first suitor was Hermes, with whom she had a son, Cydon, who went to Crete and became the founder of the town Cydonia on the island.

Apollo fell in love with her and seduced her, and she bore him three sons: Naxos (which the island of Naxos is named after), Amphithemis (also known as Garamas) and Miletus.

Minos was angered by her relationship with Apollo and banished her from Crete, sending her to Libya where her son Amphithemis was born. He is the forefather of the nomadic people of the Garamantes. Acacallis had also escaped her father’s wrath before the birth of her third son, Miletus.

She fled to some woods where she secretly gave birth. She was unable to look after him herself so she left him under a tree. Apollo realizing his son was abandoned sent she-wolves to suckle him. He was eventually found by shepherds who brought him.
Acacalis is sometimes called Acacalle, which means Egyptian tamarisk in Greek and in Crete they called the flower Narcissus Acacalli