The god of medicine, and son of Apollo and the woman Coronis from Thessaly. Coronis was killed by Apollo before Asclepius was born. She had been unfaithful and Apollo murdered her, ripping the baby from her womb. When Asclepius was a little older, Apollo sent him to the wise centaur Cheiron. There, he learnt everything about healing and went so far that he could bring back the dead to life. This

was going too far according to nature, Zeus believed, and so killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt.
Asclepius temples were everywhere in
Greece, and people would sleep in them in order to get cured. In modern times, some people believe that surgery under general aenasthetics actually was what was happening, but there is no proof of that yet.
The symbol of Asclepius was the snake, and at his temples, exercise and diets were practiced - making them into a kind of health-resorts.
The gods' most sacred site was in Epidauros, but there was also a well known temple on Kos.
In Rome Asclepius was called Aesculapius.
Asclepius also had many epithets:
Agnitas, Aulonius, Causius, Cyrus, Demaenetus, Paidos, Philolaus

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