Tethys the daughter of Uranus and Gaia

tethys Tethys was one of the Titans, daughter of Uranus and Gaia. Tethys married Oceanus her brother, from whom she gave birth to 3.000 river gods, among them were the rivers Asopos Acheloos, Acheron, and an equal number of deities, the so called Oceanids.
According to another version of the myth, Tethys was the mother of Saturn and Rhea, who entrusted her with the upbringing of Zeus.

Tethys was identified in mythology with the goddess Isis of the Egyptian Mythology. Tethys is also the fifth largest satellite of the planet Saturn, discovered in 1684, and named after this mythical person.

In the science of Geology, Tethys is also the name of the ancient great inland sea of ​​the Earth during the Cretaceous Century, today and a relatively small remnant of which is the Mediterranean Sea.

Some of the children he had with the Ocean were: Acheloos, Alfeios, Amaltheia, Amfitriti, Asia, Asopos, Voltournos, Dioni, Dorida, Enipeus, Evrynomi, Electra, Inachos, Kallirroi, Kattilos, Kivris, Kifisos, Kylyi, Kiri, Kiri Meroppi, Metis, Nilios, Pinios, Persia etc.