("breastless women")

The daughters of Ares were a tribe of warrior women who according to tradition lived on the northern coast of Asia Minor. The amazons only slept with men when they needed children, which happened for two months every spring. If they had boys

hey either killed the babies or sent them back to their fathers.They burnt off their right breasts to be able to handle the bow easier. The women were virgins until they had killed three enemies. They fought many nations and they almost never had peace with the Greeks.

In the Trojan war they sided with the Trojans. It was there their queen Penthesileia died by Achilles hand. As the hero's eyes met the dying queens, he fell desperately in love with her, ordering the Trojans to give her an honorable funeral.
The tenth labour of Heracles was to get the girdle of the Amazon queen Hippolytes. According to one version he had to fight for it, according to another the queen gave it to him. One of Theseus deeds was to defeat the amazons, which he did, taking their queen Hippolyte or Antiope as his bride. This might have happened since the Amazons reputedly attacked Athens once.

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