The daughter of the evil king Cercyon of Eleusis. She had an affair with Poseidon, who also was the father of Cercyon. This made Alope's father her stepson as well as Poseidon her grandfather.
Alope was very beautiful. Because she feared her cruel father she had her son by Poseidon exposed. The baby was rescued by a mare who suckled him, and then he was discovered by shepherds.
The baby wore expensive garments, and so the shepherds started to quarrel over who should take them. Finally they brought the case to king Cercyon, who understood what had happened, and again had the child exposed.
Again the baby boy was suckled by a mare, and discovered by shepherds. These were kind men, and they raised the child and named him Hippothoon.
Cercyon had Alope executed for what she had done, but Poseidon turned her into a fountain, which was named after her. On the road from Eleusis to Megara, where Alope had been killed, a monument in her honour was built. Cercyon was eventually killed by Theseus.

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