Pythia the oracle of Delphi

pythiaPythia, the woman who was the mediator between the god and the mortals, was not accidental. She must have been a hypersensitive creature, capable of falling into a state of occupant alienation, not only believing that she was communicating with God but also convincing others of it.

Probably the first Pythias or a specific woman of Delphi had this gift, which created the first reputation of the oracle. After all, the selection of the several Pythias from the priesthood should have been related to their faith and devotion to the worship of Apollo, so it was done only from the surrounding area.

The people there should have lived in an atmosphere of extreme respect for God. The certainty that Apollo considered the future Pythia to be his choise would certainly affect the psychology of some women by cultivating a kind of predisposition for the conquest of the role of the priestess.

It is not yet improbable for the selection of the new Pythia to follow a process like the one made for the selection of a religious leader, such as e.g. of the Dalai Lama in the Tibetan Religion. In other words, they should choose a little girl, who grew up with the necessary theoretical and practical teaching, so that she could serve in the church with dignity, as soon as the previous priestess died.

Before the ordination, Pythia was purified with water from the Castalia spring, as well as the temple, the priests, the staff of the sanctuary, the pilgrims. Castalia also gave her poetic and prophetic inspiration, but the pre-eminent prophetic source was the Kassotis spring gushing into the sanctuary of the temple. Initially, Pythia used to give oracles once a year, on the birthday of Apollo, on the 7th of the month of Vysos. Later, she was giving the oracle on the 7th of each month, except during the winter months when Apollo was absent in the Far North or in the Tempe Valley.