The skilled in Art)

Architect and inventor who served at the court of King Minos. Daedalus was a descendant of king Erechteus of Athens. After killing his nephew, who was an even more skilled artist, he fled Athens and ended up on Crete.
When Minos had offended the gods, Daedalus made a wooden bull that Minos wife Pasifae was enclosed in, giving birth to the Minotaur as a result. For the king's daughter Ariadne he built a dancestage.
He also designed the famous labyrinth where the Minotaur was kept, and was thrown into prison with his son Icarus for revealing the secret of the labyrinth to Minos's daughter Ariadne, who in her turn had helped Theseus get around in it. In order to escape, Daedalus made wings out of wax and feathers for him and his son, and they safely flew out of the prison. Icarus, enchanted by the fact that he could fly, tried to reach the sun but got too close and fell from the sky when his wings melted from the heat.
Daedalus made it to King Cocalus of Sicily, whose daughters killed Minus when he came to get the architect. Daedalus was also believed to have been the ancestor of all Greek artists, and his name can be translated into the skilled artistic worker.