The daughter of Eurytus or Dryops, and half sister of Iole, Dryope watched her father's animals on the mountain side of Oeta. There she played with the Hamadryades, nymphs of the forest, and they taught her how to sing and dance.
One day Apollo saw her and took a fancy to the young woman. He turned himself into a tortoise and crept up in Dryopes lap. Then he transformed himself into a serpent, which scared the nymphs off, so he could be alone with Dryope.
Not long after this Dryope married Andraemon, and she had a baby boy, Amphissus, who was born with an almost unnatural strength. As a young an he built a whole town, Oeta, and a temple to Apollo. When Dryope was praying in this temple one day the Hamadryades came and took her away.
Where Dryope had stood the nymphs put a fountain and a poplar tree. Amphissus built a temple to the Hamadryades where women were not allowed, and games were held in their honour.

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