Ambiguous hero and son of king Glaucus of Corinth. Bellerophon had sought protection with the king of Argos, Proetus, and his wife Antea or Stheneboea.The queen fell in love with the young man, but when he refused her, she told Proetus that he had tried to seduce her and that he must die for this. Proetus did not want to kill his protegee so he sent Bellerophon to his father-in-law Iobates In Lycia with a letter to kill the messenger. Iobates did not do it, though, because he was afraid that breaking the sacred institution of hospitality would upset Zeus. Instead, he sent the hero away to kill the fire-breathing monster Chimera, which Bellerophon did. He also defeated the Amazons and the Solymi, and with the help of Athena he managed to tame Pegasus. and Iobates gave him his daughter as prize.Bellerophon finally met his destiny trying to ride Pegasus to Mount Olympus. The horse threw him off and he ended his days gloomily wandering the earth.