King Oedipus mother and wife of king Laius of Thebes. Laius had left his baby boy to die on a mountain, after an oracle had told him he would be killed by his son. The baby was rescued by a shepherd who named him Oiedipus and gave him king Polybus of Corinth.A grown man, Oedipus was told by an oracle that he would kill his father, and thus left Corinth to spare Polybus. He then met a man whom he thought was a bandit, and killed him, not knowing tha man was his biological father Laius.He then went to Thebes, where he killed a monster and got Queen Jocasta as a prize whom he married.The couple had two sons: Eteocles and Polynices, and two daughters: Antigone and Ismene. Jocasta took her own life when she found out who Oedipus really was.