There are two versions of Eros's character and origin, the first making him the oldest deity as the son of Chaos. It was Eros's creative powers that made order emanate out of Chaos, making the creation of Earth possible.The more popular, and later, version of Eros as that of a winged baby or youth shooting arrows into people's and god's hearts, making them fall in love. This is the best known image of him, and it is often believed that it was Eros that stood model for the christian cherubs.Aphrodite was his mother and the difference between the two is traditionally that Eros symbolized the crazed, many times blind love, and Aphrodite more of a deep love but also sexual lust.One of the most famous stories of Eros is the one about the young princess Psyche, but it is a late story told by Apuleius in the second century AD, often called the last great myth of antiquity.The word "erotic" is derived of Eros's name, and in Roman mythology he was called Cupid or Amor.

Aphrodite, with Eros by her side, goes to hit Pan with her sandal.