King of Thebes after Oedipus had left the country. He took this right being the brother of Oedipus's wife Jocasta. When Oedipus's youngest son Eteocles took the throne, his elder brother Polyneices led and army against him. At the Battle of Seven aginst Thebes they were both killed, and Creon once again was king, honouring Eteocles with a burial but leaving his brother to rot.Oedipus daughter Antigone the buried Polyneices and was buried alive by Creon as a punishment. She hung herself in the tomb and Creon's son committed suicide, since he had been the lover of Antigone.Creon also figures in the stories of Heracles youth, since he had given the hero his daughter Megara to wed after Heracles had defeated the minyans, Thebes enemies.