Mythical hero from Aetolia, whose father Oineus forgot to make sacrifices to Artemis. As a punishment, she sent a huge boar to ravage Calydon (close to today's Messologhi).Meleager gathered the best hunters of Greece, including the huntress Atalanta and the hero Theseus, to kill the boar: The Calydonian hunt. Atalante was the first to wound the beast, but it was Meleager who killed it. This made his both uncles very upset, and a battle between them broke out resulting in the death of all three men.When Meleager was born the Moirae predicted that he would not die until a certain log in the fire was burnt. His mother Althaia then took he log out of he fire place and kept it safe. When Meleager had killed both her brothers, though, she was so upset that she put the log in the fire, and so her son died.