Mother Earth, daughter of Chaos and wife of Uranus ("heaven"). The couple were united in a constant caress until Gaea made one of her sons, Cronus ("time", castrate Uranus, thus separating heaven from earth. Cronus became the ruler, and time began.
Gaea gave birth to the sea. Then, she and Uranus had the Titans, Cronus was the youngest, and the Cyclops. They also had the Hecatoncheirs which were giants with a hundred hands and fifty heads. Because they were the strongest, Uranus feared them and kept them locked in the deepest of Earth. This caused Gaea pain, and so made Cronus cut off his fathers genitalia. From Uranus blood the Erinyes, Giants and Nymphs of the Forest were born. Gaea's last son was the monster Typhon who had a hundred heads and produced the lava that came out of Mount Etna.
This goddess has given us the words "geology" and "geography".
She also had the following epithets:
Carpophorus, Curotropos and Eurysternos.