Greece History
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Historical Sites

Parthenon GreeceFew countries in the world has such an interesting history as Greece has. There are thousands of ancient sites and Byzantine monasteries and churches, as well as buildings constructed by invaders through the times, such as the Venetians, the Crusaders, the British and the Turks.

Most people are interested in the ancient remains, and there are constantly new discoveries of ancient remains. The ancient Greeks built important constructions outside of today's borders as well, for example in Turkey, Italy and Egypt.

This site will deal with historical sites you can visit in modern Greece, and in time, we hope to be able to present a very wide range of places to visit.
As you probably know, there is something historical to be found all over the country, on the mainland as well as on the islands. This page will give you information about larger archaeological sites like Knossos, Olympia and Delphi, as well as whole areas of other interest like Meteora. Therefore, you will not find separate temples or monasteries here like Heraion or Odysseus tomb. In stead, they are mentioned on their respective place, in this case Samos and Cephalonia.

Acropolis (Athens)

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